Friday, August 21, 2015

Edison Ends for Summer 2015!

Today is officially the last day of International Ivy for 2015. We are all happy and sad at the same time because we had a great time this summer. Each week, we offered a wide array of classes, including robotics, mobile app design, film making, anatomy and surgical techniques, and creative writing to name a few. Edison had a lot of fun this year whether it was cooling off during Wet Day, competing in Minute to Win it games, or playing Gaga during break, our students always had a lot of fun.

Here are some last words about classes this week.

"Mobile App Design is the best! It is the best class ever!!"

"Anatomy is a lot of fun. My favorite thing this week was suturing bananas."

"Animation was one of my favorite classes. I liked using the Legos for my movie."

And with that, we say farewell for Summer 2015 here at Edison. We hope to see you next summer!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Is There a Doctor in the House? Edison Week 8

Anatomy and Surgical Techniques is a brand new class this week and it is already so popular! The students in this class have been doing hands-on anatomy surgeries and techniques, including dissecting a sheep's brain, creating their own brain hat, and suturing a banana. Look at the fun that is being had right now!
Suturing bananas! 

Wearing their thinking caps! 

3, 2, 1, ACTION! Live from Edison Week 8

This week, we have two great classes: Animation Movie Making in the morning and Film Making in the afternoon. Students who are taking these classes are learning how to make their own movies, follow a script, and incorporate props. Check out what the students are doing so far.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Call for International Ivy! Edison Week 8

Believe it or not, this is our final week of International Ivy at Edison! We had so much fun in the last 8 weeks that we are bit sad that is coming to an end on Friday. This week we are offering Anatomy and Surgical Techniques; Mobile App Design 1 and 2; and Animation Movie Making in the morning and Film Making in the afternoon. We will have tons of fun this week, so be sure to check back in with us later on in the week!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Day at Ringwood

Is it just us or did this week fly by?! At least we had a lot of fun packed into these short five days. Robotics proved once again to be incredibly fun.

Our Robotics Crew!
A Look Into Our Week:
Monday: we made a basic robot which we programmed to move around a box and out the door.
Tuesday: we made a robot that followed a line using a light sensor.
Wednesday and Thursday: we worked in teams to make a racecar that we raced on Thursday!
Friday: we made a SumoBot and battled to see whose SumoBot could kick everyone out of the arena.

Let's not forget our break activities! Monday we had fun going on a scavenger hunt around our building and learning things about each other. Tuesday, we all tested our skills playing a Minute to Win It game called "Stack Attack" (it's harder than it looks!!). Wednesday we enjoyed the nice weather and got soaked during Wet Day. Thursday, we had an engineer, detective, gymnast, and hockey player show up to our class! On our last day, we had a blast by ending the week with tie dye!

Turns out on Thursday it was just the students, dressed for Future Me Day!

It's been so much fun here in Ringwood and we're sad to see it end so soon. We'll be back next year which gives us something to look forward too! Check out all our fun on our Flickr and Youtube accounts!

Slowwww Down and Enjoying the Last Day @ Caldwell

Break time has been a blast for all the campers this summer, 
but today was especially full of cool talents, dancing and memories!
So today, we decided to slow down and enjoy the last few moments at International Ivy: Caldwell
Take a look:

Break Dancing 101

We've found ourselves a cheerleader!

Our resident Head Counselor showing us her hand-stand skills!

Throwing it back to the Harlem Shake!

Caldwell's Summer Anthem; The Whip


Jaimee (Site Director) + Lilly (Head Counselor) + Shanyah (Counselor) = 
An Awesome Staff

Another group photo of our awesome campers!

Bye camp!

This is the link to Caldwell's Week 7 Flickr album for more pictures: 

This is the link to Caldwell's Youtube Playlist for more videos:

End of Camp Fun!

It's officially the last day of camp here at Scotch Plains and we are sad that our time here is coming to an end.  This week has been a great end to the summer and we can't wait for more fun next year.  Our campers have learned a great deal in their classes and have made friends and memories along the way.  The first year at Scotch Plains turned out to be a huge success and was definitely a summer to remember.

Wednesday was our final Wet Day of the summer and the water fight was epic.  Check out this picture of our campers and counselor in action!

On Thursday campers participated in Future Me Day.  Many dressed up as their future professions with some funny costumes too.  She's gonna be a rock star!  

Today, campers in Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur are hosting an actual stand at break. They will be selling their lemonade to the rest of the camp who will give feedback on each team's flavor.  Then, campers will discuss which team had the best feedback and profit.  They will be declared the winners!  Here's a poster that campers hung up in our classrooms to advertise their sale today.  Wish them luck!  We can't wait to taste all the yummy flavors.  We've got some future entrepreneurs on our hands!

We can't thank all of our campers and counselors enough for such a great summer.  Until 2016!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Check Out our Commercial! Edison Week 7

Edison was so inspired by Far Hills' amazing commercial that we decided to film our own! Take a look at this great commercial featuring the students at International Ivy! The commercial depicts all of the awesome things students have done this year! We hope you enjoy our commercial!

Sloooooooowww & Enjoy the Last Wet Day Wednesday @ Caldwell

Ending the last water balloon toss of the summer!

I know all the kids at Caldwell are soaking up the fun!

This is the link to Caldwell's Week 7 Flickr album for more pictures: 

This is the link to Caldwell's Youtube Playlist for more videos:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Far Hills Week 7: The Last Camp Hero

After our commercial last week, the staff at Far Hills wanted to think of more ways to promote the great classes offered at International Ivy. We reached out to one of our campers who has been with us for all seven weeks and also took the film making class. He became the star of our video playing a camper who is overwhelmed by all of the class options International Ivy has to offer. Take a look.

Somerset Bids Farewell to their Counselor
Week 7

If their is one thing that everyone agreed on this summer it was that our counselor Andrew was the best. He made everything fun and was always laughing. Soccer and Pictionary were his favorite break activities and lunch wasn't complete without hot sauce! We enjoyed it when you taught Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering. and Video Game Creation! We learned so much. Our campers will truly miss the counselor they had all summer. We wish you well and good luck at Duke!

Short Hills Week 7 - Robotics Championship

Awesome Inch Worm Robots Racing to the Finish Line

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday @ Caldwell!

It was a rainy Tuesday at Caldwell today, but that did not stop the fun at break time or in class!

This is the link to Caldwell's Week 7 Flickr album for more pictures: 

This is the link to Caldwell's Youtube Playlist for more videos:

Last Week at Scotch Plains :(

The summer might be coming to an end but we are enjoying every last second of it here at Scotch Plains.  Seven weeks have passed too quickly and we are sad to say goodbye to camp until next year. We have made incredible memories over the past two months and can't wait for more next summer. Until then, here's to a great last week of camp!

Campers are participating in Brain Training, Debate, Java Programming 2, and Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur this week.  

In Java Programming 2, campers are creating a mod for the game Minecraft using Java code. There's no doubt that campers love playing Minecraft, but in this class they get to design their own mod for it!  How awesome!  These guys are hard at work writing the code for their own unique Minecraft mod.

Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur is a blast as well!  Campers are working in teams to make and test their own lemonade flavors.  Once teams decide on the best flavor they will give it a name and sell it at a lemonade stand to the whole camp!  Check back on Friday for the winning team.  In the meantime, check out these pictures of campers mixing and trying their flavors.  Yum, yum!

Edison Expands to Full Day for Week 7!

Edison has expanded to full-days for week 7 and 8! How amazing is that? There is a lot going on here this week, including Graphic Design/Photoshop and Website Design; Mobile App Design 1 & 2; and Robotics - Level 1 - Vehicles and Robotics - Level 2 - Challenges. As you can see, students are learning so much while expanding their skills. Look below to get a glimpse into our week!

A student using Photoshop  

The Robotics teacher is explaining to students where the pieces go

Discussing their websites 

Far Hills Week 7: Debate

Should social media be banned in the US? This camper says no. Take a look:

Short Hills Week 7 - Golf

A rain storm can't stop our golfers. Indoor putting practice.

Somerset Speaks Out
Week 7

We are ending our camp season with some great classes. This week we have Minecraft Math, Brain Training, and Public Speaking. All the campers are having a great time. This morning in Public Speaking class, campers were tackling hard topics and giving their opinions based on how they feel about a topic. Here is clip of one of the topics: Should police be in schools?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Monday @ Caldwell

Break time consisted of scavenger hunts! 

In the morning, the campers were broken into pairs and given a list of questions to ask the counselors in order to get to know them.The only catch was that they were only able to use "yes or no" questions to match the question to each counselor. The pair to answer and match all the questions to the correct counselor won the game and an Ivy Point!

Campers are racing to ask their questions a fast as they can!
Campers are thinking of ways to ask the counselors new "yes or no" questions.

The afternoon Sticky Science class began by learning and investigating their instruments.
Using small glass pyramids, they were able to see rainbows when looking through them at different angles. 

The afternoon Youngsters: Left Brain class was full of energy and excitement to learn new things!
They began the class with introductions and moved onto Lego building which was their favorite part.

 Eesha was so excited to make a crocodile in Lego Robotics when she jumped in the car she exclaimed, "that was so awesome!" and proceeded to tell her mom all about her day.

 The magicians were very busy learning new tricks in magic class today. They learned multiple card tricks and were excited to learn that coming up in the week is a crazy rope trick!

At break campers participated in a "getting-to-know-you scavenger hunt". During the first break, campers answered a questionnaire about the counselors and site director and in the afternoon they asked other campers questions. This was a great activity that allowed campers to get to know each other and the counselors. 

Welcome to Ringwood!!

We are half way through our first day here in Ringwood! This is our one and only week here this year, but with as much fun as we have we all know it'll be busier next year! Our class this week is Robotics vehicles. So far, we have already made a vehicle and are working on learning the programming part of it. During break we completed a scavenger hunt by walking throughout the school and asking each other various questions. Here is a picture of our group this week hard at work! Check out our Flickr and Youtube links throughout the week to see everything else we do :)

Far Hills Week 7: The First Day of the Final Week

Is it the last week already?! Time really does fly when you're having fun, and over at Far Hills we have the best week of classes! Debate, Robotics, Bio-medical Engineering, Java Programming, Scratch Programming, and Language Arts Boot Camp! Have you ever seem so many cool classes in one place?! Take a look at a few pictures of our first day:

A camper showing off his first robot of the week.

This robot can roll around and sense when it's time to change directions.

Today's first debate topic was on capital punishment. Some great points were made for both sides.

For the last ten minutes of class, the teacher let the students debate on whether or not Justin Bieber was a good role model. Talk about a nice way to lighten the mood after talking about capital punishment.

You'll never see a more focused class than Java Programming.

In Bio-medical Engineerings, campers got to hang out on the couch as they learned the basics behind a knee-brace.

Language Arts Boot Camp isn't as tough as it sounds. Campers get to read Charlotte's Web and then get to finish off the week by watching the movie on Friday! 

Short Hills Week 7 - Fencing

The final four. These campers all were winners in our fencing tournament.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Oakland Week 6 (8 - p)

Hello, and welcome back to International Ivy Oakland.  We had a fantastic group of boys and girls this week to wrap up our summer.  We had lots of fun in our classes, which was Minecraft Math, Minecraft Advanced, Website Design, and finally Photoshop/Graphic Design.  Below are little summaries from each class.  Ofcourse, you can find our flickr account by clicking the link here.  This will show you all of our pictures from the week.  It has been a pleasure to have the privilege to work with and learn from your children.  We hope to see each one of them back next summer.  Oakland would not be the same without them.

Minecraft Math + Minecraft Advanced:
This week we offered Minecraft Math in the morning and Minecraft Advanced in the afternoon.  In the morning, children were given math problems based upon their age and abilities.  The better they did, the more in game rewards they got.  In Minecraft Advanced, students were loaded into a happy wonderland where they can build some pretty complex things.  Students worked together to complete objectives set by the teacher, and learned much about teamwork.  Below are pictures from the two classes.  Don't forget all the pictures can be seen on the link above.

Website Design + Graphic Design/Photoshop:
The creativity could not stop flowing this week in Room 4.  The work the kids made is absolutely incredible.  Looking at their artwork, you would never guess it was done by kids.  The websites are top quality, with riveting content.