Friday, August 10, 2012

Yesterday, we had a water day. We did two contests, one where you squirt water into a cup. The other one you keep a ball as people squirt you. All of them ended up in a water war.

In inventor's workshop and we used simple machines to get Mark (the stuffed animal llama) across the room. Me, Alison and Sammy made a rubber band zipline which made Mark "fly" with force and tension. The second experiment we used the bucket which used pulleys. The last one is a rubber band car which used rubber bands. 

I did an awesome experiment with a medal electric conductor. I zapped my hand and lightning came out of my hair! It worked by the electricity going through my hair! Then it went through my body and lightning came through my hand. I looked like the emperor from Star Wars. I could actually see it.

I am in Inventor's Workshop. Yesterday, we studied electricity. Van de Graff is a machine that's electrical. My hair was floating and sticking onto the machine. I also got zapped! It was fun.

We used simple machines to make a toy move from one place to another.

My favorite part about Ivy is that I learned all of the presidents in under 17 seconds. I also liked learning about static electricity. I had a great week at Ivy!

This week in Inventor Science we invented stuff. My favorite invention was when I made Mark the llama travel to work on the other side of the hallway.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The things we did in Fashion were great! We got to make a t-shirt and tomorrow we get to make a skirt. Before that the teacher gave us a practice sheet so we can learn to do a fringe, applique, sew on buttons and make stitches. On Friday, the last day of Fashion, we get to do a fashion show in front of our parents and some counselors.


Inventor's Workshop - Counselor Post

We had a very exciting day in Inventor's workshop today. First, the students learned about the six types of simple machines: wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, pulley, lever and screw. Next they built catapults and had a launching contest! Later the students received a challenge. Using a variety of materials, students must use what they learned about machines to build a machine that will transport a small stuffed animal across the hallway. There were lots of different designs which looked very promising. I can't wait until they test out these experiments tomorrow!

- Rebecca
I like International Ivy because the staff is nice and they make the summer camp more fun by 10x. In class they help you and outside they give you free food! In brain training, they do mini golf memory cards and the presidents. When we have snack we either play capture the flag, relay races, minute-to-win-it and so much more. I think International Ivy is the best camp I have ever been to!

I think that Brain Training is a fun class to take. It's nice to use your brain in ways you never knew you could. My favorite thing is our memory testing. For example, studying the presidents through pictures.

International Ivy is a fun and experiencing camp.  My favorites class, Brain Training is  fund and challenging class including hard work, memorization, and using your brain.  Sometimes, we play matches with brain cards, and have to find patterns in color, shape, size and direction.  This activity makes you strain your eyes and brain to find matches faster than your opponents.  We also use tanagrams which are different shapes and you have to find a way to make something (ie square) using all the shapes.  Another fun memory activity are the memory cards, where they have numbers in an imaginary tic-tac-toe board and you have to memorize the card (and blind spots) and recite the numbers and blank spots in order. The cards go from three numbers to four, to five and so on.  A fun memory/guessing game is the the golf game where you have "holes" and you have to memorize the the route  and draw the line to every hole.  There are also dark spots that you have to avoid, and if you got through them, you get a point.  Your goal is to get the least amount of points as possible, like real golf.  The more tries you get to go to a hole, the more points you get.  Lastly, and most fun activity is learning the presidents in order, using pictures that give hints/clues.  They make it SO easy to remember all 44 Presidents.  Try to say them as fast as possible!  Its a real challenge!  Brain Training is a fun course that is worth doing!

I liked International Ivy  Summer Camp.  I went to RANDD and Brain Training  I learned all of the presidents from George Washington all the way up to Barack Obama!  It was a series of pictures.  Some of them were kind of funny.  We also did braincards, memory digit cards and visualization golf.  There were also Ivy points.  You have to do something good to get Ivy points.  Gets 50 points (each slip is 10 points) and you get something from the treasure chest.  I want to come back next year.  I loved International Ivy.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I've had so much FUN so far this week! Having Jaimee as my counselor, doing the commercials, doing a movie type  thing, and having Ms. Brothers as my teacher! It been so much FUN!!!

I think acting class is awesome. I like it and I learned that a close-up is only of your head!

Miss Brothers said I should think about my favorite food so my commercial would be better. I can't wait to see m dad. I love my acting class!!!

This class is really fun. I learned about a lot of different camera angles and film terms like close-up and objectives. The commercials are really funny and interesting. They are pretty easy to memorize and sound real! I am learning a lot. I am looking forward to the film and TV clip acting.


I love camp. It is so much fun. I love the different things that you get to do here. One of the best parts is kickball. During break, I love the different games we do. Camp is really cool. I personally think that whoever comes here will love it.

In inventor science we learned that things never pull, they push. We also made an invention using pressure. One thing that was really cool was we lit a match in a pan with water and put a valve thing on top and some of the water in the pan rose up. It rose up because the air was limited and there was too much CO2 so the water got pushed up.
My favorite part about Ivy Science is learning about pressure. I learned about gas, solid and liquid. I love break. You get to play with friends. I love to play dodgeball and kickball.

I am in Inventor's Workshop. Today we did 2 ping pong ball activities. We used pressure to do them. We blew ping pong balls out of a cup. We also tried to keep the ball on top of a straw by blowing. It was fun.

Today I did a party trick that you fill a water bottle with 1/3 parts water and it has a balloon on the tip of the bottle. When you flip the bottle over, the water doesn't go into the balloon, but it creates a vacuum and after a while it goes completely inside.

Today, we played Capture the Flag and Inventor's Workshop. We learned about air pressure with cool demos and created a machine that corresponded with the lesson. Inventor's workshop is so fun. I love it. The teacher is great and the activities are extremely fun!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Singing Sensation- Week 5 AM- Counselor post

Today was the last day of singing sensation. It has been such an incredible week! I was so lucky to have worked with such talented kids who will all be famous one day! They finished their recordings today and everyone's parents came in to watch them perform what they have worked on all week. It was so successful and each child did so well! I was so proud of how far they had come from Monday.I will miss them all so much and hope to see them next summer!!

My game is going to be about some miners who found an ancient burial chamber underground.  So one of the greedy miners took some gold so the skeletons come to life and try to get their gold back.  So once the skeletons get their gold they are going to punish the humans by destroying the human race and keeping who surrenders as slaves. 

Wow, singing is fun!  I just finished recording my first song with Tonya Carmen, backup singer for Debbie Gibson.  Every day we write our song.  Tonya let us pair up, so I have a backup singer.  On Friday we're performing for our parents.  I also just got my 50th Ivy Point - I can get a prize tomorrow!  I'm having lots of fun, and can't wait until the song is complete.  It needs music and editing. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Video Game Blog

My game will be about a character going to a village that was destroyed.  The character encounters ghosts while looking through rubble.  The character knows that he isn't going to escape without a fight.  The objective is to escape.  There are warps to bring you to the next room.  However, the warps only appear when the enemies are defeated.  Some rooms are just bonus rooms filled with coins to add to your score.  You will have a certain amount of health and lives.  And, your character will throw ninja stars by pressing space.  This is what my game will be about. 

I love singing camp because you get to do a lot of cool things like getting to record your own personal song that you write.  Another thing I like about singing camp is you get ivy points and when you get a prize for 50 ivy points.  Another thing I like are the counselors are very nice too and they are funny.  The only counselor I know is Jaimee because she writes the ivy points for my class and she stays in our room a lot.  I want to come to this camp again because it is super super fun.  

A Post From our International Student

One of our international students in the singing class wrote a post.  We are going to miss her terribly!

These days I took two lessons of singing class.  We learned a lot.  And I learned a lot of kinds of music.  Then we should write songs and we are going to sing it.  It's hard for me.  I can't even write a song.  Maybe it's different in the class than from what I imagine.  But it's ok.  I think when I come back to China I will tell m friends about this singing class.  It's so cool!  And I will go back to China on Friday.  And I must be very sad and I will miss here a lot and miss the summer camp a lot. 

I am in singing sensation.  We are having a show.  We are also recording.  I love this class.  We learned about different types of music, and we got to dance with our friends.  

The things we did in singing were great.  WE got to learn more things about singing.  We get to record a song.  We can do it with someone or just do it ourselves.  Then we can perform it in front of our parents.  But we have to record our songs and then we're going to do a group song.  

I take singing lessons at this camp.  Out teacher is Tania.  I love working with her.  We are recording ourselves and making a CD.  We are also having a concert for our parents.  We also wrote our own song!  It has been great over the days at International Ivy camp.  If you love to sing, take the singing class!  I assure you that you're going to love it!

I love singing sensation.  I get to make a song and record it.  We sing for fun.  e even put on a show.  I learned a few songs that are super cool.  Everyone's songs were so cool.