Thursday, July 16, 2015

Far Hills Week 3: Campers' Blog Posts

Annika is taking Film Making and Culinary Arts this week. She says, " Film Making is very fun. It is like we are actors in a real movie. We got to write a script and then be the characters in it. In Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cakes (Culinary Arts) we get to make different types of desserts like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. The type of cake pops we made were pandas, robots, strawberries, and chicks. It was very fun."

Trisha is taking Detective/Spy Lab in the morning and Culinary Arts in the afternoon. This picture talks about her first class while the one below talks about her second class. She says, "Detective Spy Lab is excellent. We get to make so many cool [things] like ice cream and lots of [other] stuff. A mold finger, decorating shirts, chalk, and more stuff!"

This is what Trisha says about her Culinary Arts class: "Cupcakes, Cakes, and Cookies (Culinary Arts) is good. We made different cake pops. We are going to make cookies and maybe cakes."

Dylan and Vin are taking the same Minecraft Creative class. They say, "In Minecraft Creative we built a house and made a monument and much, much more!"

Best friends, Allie and Olivia, are taking the same set of classes this week: Film Making and Culinary Arts. Here's what they had to say: "Culinary Arts: We make cookies, cake pops, frosting, and more. We made cake pops of chicks, pandas, and robots. Film Making: We made a movie and finished and acted in it. Our film was about a robber who steals a robot."
"Get with the Program"ming
Somerset Week 3: Robotics

This week in "Robotics: Level 2: More Challenging Projects" we have made some pretty cool things but the coolest of all is programming the robots. Today the class worked on programming their spinner they made the day before. Here are some pictures from class!

Short Hills Week 3 - Science

What is better than making Goo on Pajama Day?

Scotch Plains Week 3

Just popping in for a mid-week update of our activities here at Scotch Plains.  What a great week it has been so far!  Engineering of Ice Cream is just a blast.  The campers have been having so much fun designing their own treats and ice cream flavors.  Making the ice cream is awesome too!  Check out the video below to see our campers in action.


Today, like every Wednesday, was Wet Day!  We somehow managed to escape the storms for the second week in a row.  The morning was a little rainy but we didn't mind! The campers loved having a water fight and soaking each other under the dunk tank.


But it's not all fun and games here!  Campers in Java Programming and Shark Tank Jr. are working hard on their codes and original products.  On Friday the Shark Tank Jr. class will be presenting their final sales pitches to their counselors and parents.  Stay tuned for examples of student work in both classes in the days to come!

Can't believe our third week is halfway done already!  Check out our YouTube and Flickr pages for more photos and videos.  Here are the links to some new photo montages from weeks one and two.  

Week 1 Pictures

Week 2 Pictures

Looking forward to the rest of the week!