Friday, June 29, 2018

The Wave of the Future

Chatham Week 1

   Look out world the explorer robots are coming through. Today in our Robotics class, Jacob taught the campers how to build and program explorer bots. They looked a little like Wall-E and the kids loved it. They had to build a maze using Lego bricks and try to get the Robot to navigate it's way around. These campers were amazing and had so much fun!

Fashion Show Fun!!

On Day 5 of the first week at Short Hills, the Fashion and Sewing class displayed all their hard work by putting on a fashion show! These fashionistas got to wear the amazing outfits they made and even got to show off their creativity for others to see.

Short Hills International Ivy Chant

As our first week at International Ivy comes to an end, the campers show off their enthusiasm through our International Ivy Chant! Here's a copy of our chant so you can keep the International Ivy spirit alive at home.

Head Counselor Emma: Hey Ivy! One, Two, Three!
Campers: Clap
Head Counselor Emma: Hey Ivy, What do we say?
Campers: Fun, Create, Celebrate!