Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wet Day at Edison is Always Amazing - Week 2

Wet Day at Edison is always amazing! This week, we avoided the rain and had the water balloon contest and the dunk tank! Our students had so much FUN that they did not want to go back inside! Take a look at some of the pictures below to see the campers in action! 

Here we go! Brother vs. Brother!
About to get soaked!

Ready to dunk a camper!


Water balloon fight! 

Halloween.... in July?!? Scotch Plains Celebrates Halloween a LITTLE early....

It's Halloween in July here at Scotch Plans!  Campers dressed up in their favorite costumes for an Ivy point and some fun too.  Can you guess who these campers are??  

Some dressed up as their favorite super heroes...

One even dressed up like Jackie!  Ivy shirt, nametag, and all!

These girls are ready to go snorkeling...

Thankfully, today was all treats and no tricks.  Tomorrow we'll be posting some student work from Website Design and Video Game Creation.  Stay tuned to see what we've been working on this week at Scotch Plains!

Edison Shares Week 2 for a Price!

Week 2 has been an interesting week at Edison! It is a double-whammy week because we are only running one class, Investment & the Stock Market Game, and Site Director Kenny is teaching it! All of the students are having a lot of fun learning about risks, rewards, investments, bonds, and the Stock Market Game. Each day, the class begins with the same opening bell as the New York Stock Exchange! The students come in to class ready to buy, sell, and trade stocks. In the beginning of the week, students spent time learning about brands, logos, companies, and ticker symbols. Tomorrow, we will see which team is the winner of the Stock Market Game with the most amount of equity; will it be Purple Swag Team or My Name is Jeff? Check out our Flickr to see what's going on at Edison this week! 

Happy Halloween from Chatham!

This week at  Chatham is flying by!  This week we have an excellent group of fun-loving campers!  Wednesday was our second Wet Day of the summer and Counselor Krystel and Counselor Dave really made it a lot of fun for the kids.

We also have some campers that are seriously dedicated to Halloween!  Chatham has never had so many kids come in costumes as we did this week.  We have everything from a cactus to a few beautiful mermaids, not to mention a "Thing" or two (or three or four!).  We kept our costumes clean and in good shape because of our rainy day activity.  This week we quizzed the Ivy kids about some camp trivia.   Here are the rest of the pictures from Chatham's second week this summer. 

Short Hills Rainy Day

We had a rainy morning in Short Hills today.  Luckily we have a wonderful facility to have an indoor picnic snack while our campers watched a cartoon. Ask your kids if they enjoyed Scooby Doo. Of course we had an alternate activity for our campers who preferred something else.