Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Minute to Win it Tuesdays @ Caldwell Week 5

Our campers are loving Minute-to-Win it Tuesdays! 
We have so many relay races for the campers to partake in, such as the "bean-bag toss", "ball on a spoon", and running relays. We had two teams and Team A won!
Take a look at our Minute-to-Win-it games:

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Minute to win it games at Short Hills!

Our Tuesday's are known for our awesomely fun minute to win it games! Today's game was hut hut hike! Campers had to throw toilet paper through a hoop with some challenges in the way. Winners get an ivy point!

Chatham Week 5

Imagination Running Wild

                    This week we have one of the most exciting new classes, 3D Printing! Each day, Chris has the campers do a whole group activity. Yesterday, they made keychains and today they learned how to construct utensils. They use what they learn in their mini-lessons to then create their own projects! I've seen horses, robots, and even Poke balls! Here is a video with one of our campers describing how they constructed a club house building.

Fierce competition here in Princeton!

Week 5 has some competitive campers here at Princeton!! We've been able to divide up into different teams each break session for Pictionary, Charades, and today's Minute it Win it Challenge, Blown Away! Our campers are all pretty evenly matched in age and abilities so each game has had some serious competition!

Statue of Liberty
Group Charades
Minute to Win it Challenge: Blown Away

These team games have been great ice breakers for campers to get to know one another! Check out our Flickr page and Youtube channel for more pictures and videos of our week!
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Sparks Fly @ International Ivy Paramus!

Well, figurative sparks, anyway!  Campers this week are learning electrical and computer engineering as well as programming and business-savvy entrepreneurial skills.  Engineering and Programming with Arduino allows campers to create computer-programmable electrical circuits with an Arduino kit.  In Java II, students are using the Java language they began learning last week to create Minecraft Mods, customizing their favorite digital environment.  Students in SharkTank Entrepreneur are brainstorming their inventions for development later this week.  We are excited to see these campers ideas grow into cool creations!

Engineering & Programming with Arduino

SharkTank Entrepreneur

Java Programming II: Minecraft Mods

Nothing But Smiles Here!

Our Scratch class is having a blast!! Can't wait to see what else will come this week with wet day tomorrow and SPORTS DAY on Thursday!
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Stupendously Somerset - Week 5!

Well folks, we have made it to Week 5 right here at Somerset! It appears that the time is just flying by. Our students this week are being exposed to all new classes, including Shark Tank, Film-Making, Competition Training for the Math Athlete, and Investment Literacy and the Stock Market Game! They are practicing their communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills each day. As always, the learning and the fun are flowing concurrently. Check out some of our FLICKR pictures down below to get a little sneak peak into our week so far.

Planning out their ideas for their film.
Working on math problems to train their brains. 
Shark Tank students coming up with the perfect product to pitch.
Reviewing popular companies in the Stock Market Game class.