Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 5 counselor post- Singing Sensation

This week I am the counselor for singing sensation! There are about nine kids in class and they are all very talented! We have a variety of ages and abilities and they are all really enjoying. Their teacher Tania is very experienced and making sure they are all learning while having fun. They are each working on either a solo performance or a duet they want to perform on Friday for their friends and family who come to see them perform. They each will be able to take home a professional CD that the teacher will help them record. They all seem to be having a great time and learning a lot! I am enjoying listening to the kids grow as I can already see improvements in just two days! I will post some pictures of them in class and plan on uploading videos of some of their songs to the you tube channel! Keep an eye out for both of those! 


Counselor Post #12 - Video Game Creation Class

This week at International Ivy I am the counselor for the Video Game Creation Class in the morning.  I have not been in this class before, and I am very impressed with what the students are able to learn and start doing so quickly.  Here are some things that the teacher taught the students before they began programming:
  • The computer is only as smart as you make it.
  • The computer only does what you tell it to do, so if you tell it something incorrectly you must go back and fix it.  
  • For popular video games, it can take many people up to several years to create one game.  In our class, each student has one week to make a game.  
The students are able to make different rooms (which will eventually be like different levels), enemies which will attack the player, portals, bonuses, and weapons to attack the enemy.  Our students are a wide range of ages and skills, yet they are enthusiastically helping each other and learning some new things at the same time.    The class time is divided into direct instruction (where the students are able to learn the procedure from the teacher) and the rest is testing their game, designing it, and adding in new things on their own.  On Friday, they are able to play each others games and take them all home!  

Pictures will be up shortly! 

I am in Advanced Video Game Creation.  It's really fun.  I have a dragon and it's really cute.  It's blue and tiny and my friend has an exact copy of it but just in red!  I really like Advanced Video Game creation and I can't wait to come back to camp next year.  


Advanced Video Game Creation

I love Video Game Creation.  I just made a cute little baby dragon... with an axe!  It is Alison Awesome.  Also, I have a twin ragon.  It's m friend!  I'm red and she's blue. 


Week 5 Robotics Class

My favorite thing about this class is making the robot do things.  I like to make it cry and talk a I like the styles it moves.  This is one of the best camps I've ever been to! 

By: A.H. 
Counselor Post #11

Week 5 got off to a great start yesterday! I was able to help out in our Advanced Video Game Design class and the kids have started designing really great fantasy games. It was fun to see them all design their characters and the "rooms" in which the game will take place. Although everyone's first room shared the same theme, wilderness, they were all different because each kid added his or her own personal touches. I can't wait to see what they come up with today!

- Rebecca