Friday, July 17, 2015

Montage of Week 3 Paramus

Montage of Week 3 Paramus

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Montage of Week 3 Paramus

Montage of Week 3 Paramus

Vocabulary Builder Paramus Week 3

Vocabulary Builder Paramus Week 3

Sparta Week 3!

This week was full of fun, laughter, robots, and writing! In the morning, we had Robotics- Vehicles. Everyday we learned new things about robotics and programming. At the end of the week, working as teams, we created two of out own vehicles using the knowledge we gained throughout the week. In the afternoon, was our Creative Writing Workshop. Each day, we worked on a new piece of writing for our anthology. We are unable to show our whole anthology, but there are tidbits of it below, on Flickr, and on Youtube. Unfortunately on Wednesday, storms prevented us from having "Wet Day". But it was definitely made up on Friday. A big game that was played in the morning was "See How Wet We Can Make Our Counselor!" so there are no photos, but the afternoon has some photos up on Flickr. All in all, we had a great week here in Sparta and wish it didn't have to end so quickly. We look forward to next week's Competition Math Training! Check out the Flickr and Youtube links below to see more of our fun!



Week 3 at Chatham

Thank you for another wonderful week at Chatham!  Our teachers have done so many great things to make our campers feel happy and welcome at our camp.

Here are some things that we have learned this week:

Youngster Math - The students have learned how to strengthen their mental math skills through stories that contain  math problems.  They are able to practice seeing  math in real world situations through assorted videos and they strengthened their ability to memorize math facts and numbers through memory games.

Youngster Program - The Youngster program had another adventurous week.  They explored the beautiful outside grounds at Chatham Day School.  They are extremely talented at photographing objects outside and uploading pictures on the computer.  They have also explored the theme of ocean creatures to celebrate summer at International Ivy.

Public Speaking -  We have welcomed back a veteran teacher this year for our public speaking class.  He worked on building the confidence of the students with speaking games and exercises.  The campers learned to organize their thoughts and plan ahead clearly all week while they planned their speeches on a topic that they chose themselves.

Biomedical Engineering -  This brand new class at International Ivy is so exciting!  Our students are learning how the different joints of the body work, as well as how to build structures that support an injury.  They spent class periods performing experiments on other campers and they carefully worked on learning how to design and build knee braces.

Sewing - These students have learned how to use the arts to plan out and construct an object of both their own designs and patterns that were given to them.  They also learned how to use a sewing machine and brought home many beautiful products all week.

Mobile App Design- These amazing Ivy campers raced ahead this week and went above and beyond what the curriculum asked of them.  They learned how to program five types of games as well as designing at least one unique game of their own.  These lucky campers get to take home a lot of fun games at the end of the week!

Minecraft AM and PM - This week the Minecraft classes were exposed to a variety of useful skills.  They used teamwork and collaboration to build towns  and design a town infrastructure, engineering to go into space in order to explore the moon and Mars, and they learned about skills used in architecture to recreate national landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Robotics AM and PM - The robotics classes at International Ivy are some of our strongest in terms of the STEAM initiative.  They use engineering skills to build and design their robots and they incorporate technology with the NXT programming system.  This week the classes used a number of different sensors to program their robots to work around different obstacles. The different sensors that they used were touch, ultrasonic, color, light and sound.  They build explorer bots, racecars, hardwired and bluetooth controllers, and power tools.  The animals that they built for the life forms class made me think that we actually had inchworms and crabs in the hallway!

Brain Training - Our brain trainers had our students raise their IQ's and memory retention all week.  They used different study and memorization skills and played games to sharpen their reaction times.  At the end of the week all of the students take a cumulative test and they can see how many years they added to their brain age.

Debate - This week the Debate students learned many useful skills that they can carry on into the future.  They learned how to research using unbiased and credible sources.  They were also taught that in order to properly research a topic they must learn to research both sides to an argument, even if they feel strongly about a certain topic.  They focused most of their research on the influence of technology in society.

Civil Engineering - This week the class learned the physics of different structures in society.  They had team-building exercises to practice building things together and followed up with the building of models of different types of structures.  Our ivy campers learned how to build bridges and buildings that withstand earthquakes and different storms and made some pretty impressive models.

Overall,  in addition to all the fun they are having the children can walk away with a knew understanding about new topics that they may not have known about before.  Please browse through our pictures here and visit our Youtube channel here to see videos of some our accomplishments this week.

Week 3 at Oakland

We had such a great time this week at Oakland! We had a fantastic group of boys and girls learning about video game creation, investing, web design, and inventing. Here are some pictures and videos of the amazing stuff that took place this week.

Breaks and Special Events

This week was very busy. We had a water war for our Wet Day activity on Wednesday, Thursday was pajama day, so students literally got to roll out of bed and come to camp, and Friday was a Color War between red and blue. Here are some perfect pictures from those events and other crazy things that went on during the week. Want to see more?  Check out this link to our youtube page.

Everyone worked as a team while playing Taps during Tuesday's Minute to Win It challenge.

Michael poses for a picture during break.

Video Game Creation

This week, the campers had a blast learning about video game creation. They each got to create their very own video game to take home! Here are some of the highlights but you can click the link here to see more on our youtube page.

Alexander working hard at making his game.

Who doesn't love creating their very own fire breathing dragon?

Matt and Owen working together to create a game.


This week we brought Wall Street to Wright Way. Here is a sample of what went on, but if you want more Click on this youtube link.
Simon took a break from the company logo game on sporcle to pose for a picture.

Mike hard at work, just like a trader on Wall Street!

Simon even got Site Director Mike to get in on the trading game.

Web Site design

This week, students got to step into the shoes of some of the greats like Mark Zuckerberg and create their very own web site. Here' s a taste of what went on this week.

Evan and Mike hiding their faces from the camera. I bet they wanted to go back to making their web sites.

Amanda helps Emily with her web site.

Emily, Mike,and Evan working diligently on their web sites. They are on their way to making the next big seller in the website world.


This week we had an electrifying teacher in Vicky Volts who turned the campers into inventors this week. Below are some of the creations, but if you want to see more click on the youtube link here.

Sean tries to use some support beams to help build his bridge.

Vicky giving Evan some help with his paper air plane.

Billy with an almost completed paper air plane.

Minute to Win It, Wet Day, Color War, Oh My! @ Caldwell

Color War meets Pajama Day

Color War meets Pajama Day

Color War meets Pajama Day

Color War meets Pajama Day

Wet Day fun!

Loading up the squirters on Wet Day

Relay Race meets the Color War

Campers are given the instructions for the Color War relay race!

Wet Day water balloon toss

Wet Day water balloon toss

This campers favorite Wet Day game is definitely the Water Balloon Toss

Minute to Win it game Hut-Hut-Hike

Minute to Win it Game Movin' On Up

Hut-Hut-Hike is getting intense!

The pressure is on.. only 30 seconds left!