Thursday, August 14, 2014

Short Hills ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has made its way to Short Hills!! We decided to get the children and counselors involved in order to spread as much awareness of the unfortunate disease as possible!

Mix-Match Day at Short Hills!!

'Mix-Match Day' turned into 'Twin Day' at Short Hills! Campers and Counselors went all out for the last wacky day of the summer!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This morning, students in Edison competed in the first ever International Ivy Scavenger Hunt! The counselors worked hard to scatter the clues in the most hard-to-find spots. Four teams went head-to-head to see who would come out on top. Each team worked together  in order to solve the riddle and find the next clue. But of course, only one team could be crowned the winner. Finally, after a close race to the last clue, Team Three was crowned the champion of the 2014 International Ivy Scavenger Hunt! We look forward to doing this activity again next summer!

Camper Chat! Week 7 - Edison

Students this week decided to blog about their time at International Ivy. Most of them are saddened that this is the last week of camp, however, they had a blast going to International Ivy!

"This is the last week of International Ivy Summer Program, and I am a mix of excited, happy, upset, and depressed. Why? Because International Ivy camp's classes were so fun, and at the same time I just don't want to go! Kenny, Sherry, Leigh, and Brianna are so nice and exuberant, and the crash courses are so fun! I learned so much and like everyone else, I'll be missing Ivy this year. Thank you, and keep continuing this awesome, spectacular, and phenomenal yearly camp! You're definitely in my good books! Thanks counselors! And by the way,...:) :) :) #IVYFOREVS.

"It's the last week of International Ivy. I'm in the movie making and animation class. It is so awesome! I got to make movies by drawing on a white board, moving pebbles, and using clay to make figures! I'm really sad that it is going to be on Friday. I'll miss my awesome teacher, Brianna, a lot. But I had a great time this week. I'll also miss my awesome counselors, Kenny, Sherry, and Jeff."

Last Short Hills Wet Day!!!

Campers had a lot of fun with the counselors during the last wet day of the summer!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Final Call for Edison Campers!

Can you believe that this is the last week of International Ivy? We cannot believe how fast these weeks have flown by. Students were quite busy this summer, programming their own video game, designing delectable treats, and perfecting magical illusion tricks. We are going to make the last week of International Ivy the best one yet! Thursday will be "Mix and Mash" day. Students should come dressed in their funkiest clothes ever. Friday marks the last Field Day, as well as the final time at the treasure chest. So students should try to earn as many Ivy cards as possible. Although we are sad International Ivy is coming to a close, we had an enriching summer! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

A message to Miss Karen

This Thursday and Friday in short hills, our beloved cake pop teacher, Miss Karen, was out sick. The class made a video for her to show her what they've been working on!

A Far Hills Farewell

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the back to school sales are happening, teachers are planning homework assignments, and summer camp is coming to an end. Today is the last day of camp at the Far Hills location which is a very bitter-sweet event for all. Counselors, teachers, and campers are all reflecting on what could quite possible be the greatest summer ever! From Wet Day to tie dye to Spy Lab to lemonade stands, this summer had it all! We went around and asked the campers to tell us about their experiences with International Ivy and retell their favorite memories here. Check out the video below to hear all about International Ivy's summer camp at Far Hills. Enjoy!

Robot Wrestling at Short Hills!

Edison Students Complete Professional Websites

It's Friday and Edison's web designers are finally done with the awesome websites they designed using Wordpress. They learned how to customize themes, use widgets, and install plugins to create original layouts,  useful navigation, and add unique special features. Check them out!

A Girl's Guide to Fashion

the ultimate guide to guy fieri the master of cooking

Minecraft Survival Guide

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Did Somebody Say Tie Dye? Edison - Week 6

Today, students at Edison were busy tie dying t-shirts during the break. Students had a blast mixing the different colors and coming up with cool designs. Below you will see all the funky shirt designs.

Far Hills Campers Give Us the Ivy Inside Scoop

It may be Far Hills' last week of summer camp, but that doesn't mean we are skimping on fun and learning! The campers wrote out and illustrated what's going on in their classes. Honestly, we counselors wish we could be taking some of these classes: Magic, Spy Lab, Lemonade Stand, Oh my! See for yourself! 

James is taking Robotics and Spy Lab. He says, " I have a wonderful time at camp. I have built 3 different robots. So far I have built 2 basic and one intermediate robots. In spy lab I learned how to be a detective and did scientific tests that a detective would do." 

Riley is taking Robotics and Mobile App Design. He says, "In Lego Robotics we have built two robots. We've built a car and a race car. The car had a color sensor on the front and so does the race car. I really like it because it involves my two favorite things; Legos and electronics."

Riya is taking Lemonade Stand and Mobile App Design. She says, "The classes I am taking this week are Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur and Mobile App Design. In Lemonade Stand I am making a lemonade stand, money, and signs. In Mobile App Design the class is making the game "Pong." International Ivy Rocks!"

Siya is taking Video Game Creation and Magic. She says, "I do video game creation. It is amazing! I use this computer app called game creation. One of my favorite games is Teddy Deadly Maze, where there is a maze that you have to get through. There are also obstacles to make you lose all 3 of your lives. It is really fun! In the afternoon I do magic with Bill W." (cont. below).

(Siya cont.) "In Magic class, he does a lot of tricks with coins, rubber bands, and more. I've learnt so many tricks already! But I am so sad that it is the last week here! I hope you sign up for next summer."

Week 6 at Short Hills!!

It may be week 6, but camp isn't over yet!! Campers continue to have fun and work hard in their classes!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Graphic Designers at Work in Edison!

Check out these awesome album covers, avatars, and animal designs created by Edison's photoshop students with only three days of experience! Be sure to come back on Friday to see what else these creative, hard-working campers come up with. 

Far Hills Campers Play Hard and Sell Hard

Today marks Far Hills' last Wet Day of the summer, and boy is it going out with a BANG! The campers battled counselor, Wesley, in out water shooter free for all and took him down. Then to cool off from all the summer fun, we headed over to the Lemonade Stands hosted by our young entrepreneurs. Take a look at the pictures to see all the fun that is being had over here at Far Hills!

Gabe and Varun gang up on Wesley.

Wesley gets revenge on Varun.
Arlo and Rishi shmooze with their customers.
Maji sells candy with her lemonade.

Varun believes Riley is too dry.
Won't you try some on Riya's Famous Strawberry Lemonade?

Wesley is the newest fan of Riya's lemonade!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Far Hills Campers Kick the Ball Out of the Park!

Thaddeus goes to catch the ball to begin the second inning.

Andrew slides into home base!

The Green Team waves as they wait to kick.

Zachary ponders the best way to kick the ball OUT OF THE PARK.

Aiden acts quickly to get an opponent out. 

Varun runs the bases.

Aiden starts off the inning with a stellar pitch.

Eddie gives us a victory pose once he hits home base.

Varun gives us his game face.

Eddie, Varun, and Eesha get ready to start the third inning.

Gabe shows off his pitching skills.

Siya goes in for the kick.

Aiden gives the ball his hardest kick.

James kicks the ball out of the frame and out of the park!