Thursday, August 18, 2016

Double the Joe, double the fun

Today in Short Hills we dressed as our hero's and head counselor, Chloe's, biggest hero is our very own site director Joe. We was so happy to see someone dress as him, we almost can't tell them apart. Who wants to be a superhero when they can be Joe? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let the Games Begin

      Today at Chatham the Color War has started. The green, blue, and red teams competed for Ivy Points. For Wet Day, we did a water cup pass, shooter relay, and water balloon toss. If you didn't want to participate in Wet Day, team trivia was the place to be. Campers answered questions about camp and pop culture with the Olympics taking the forefront. At the end of day one, it's a close race but the red team is in the lead with 52 points. We can't wait for tomorrow's fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Awesome bio-engineering project!

Today the bio-engineering students came to the counselors asking if we can help them, and of course we did! These fantastic students are doing research on different people's arches and we can't wait to see the results!

When Life Gives You Lemons and 13 Kids....... Make Lots of Lemonade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Life is sweet so far this week in Chatham. We have started week 8 by creating different lemonade recipes and advertisements. Our teacher Richard and his trusty assistant Kaitlyn are helping our campers to learn about not only creating recipes for lemonade but developing a marketing plan as well. The campers prepared advertisements today to tell us about each of their creative lemonades. Below are some examples:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Cake Decorating: Disney Style

      In our last week in Chatham, we have so many great classes that it's our biggest week yet! One of the many great classes is Culinary: Cakes and Cookies. Today the campers started by decorating with Disney themed cupcakes. They all looked so awesome and "sugary" as one camper said! We are all so excited to see what they come up with as the week goes on.

Friday, August 12, 2016

A very happy camper!

What a happy camper she is! When the treasure chest came around this camper knew exactly what she wanted to get! A happy camper tshirt to always remember how awesome camp is! 

Caldwell Week 7 Detective and Spy Lab

        These two super sleuths learned a lot in their Detective/Spy Lab Class.  From communicating in braille, Morse code, and sign language to setting up a crime scene and picking locks. If there's a crime to be solved, these two are the guys to call!  Check out their video below!

Interested in more Wet Day photos from Caldwell? Check out the link to our Week 7 Flickr: 
Check out more videos on the Caldwell's Youtube playlist: 

Summer is coming to an end at Princeton

As week 7 finished out today with our parent showcase, our time this summer at Princeton is also ending! It's hard to believe summer has flown by so quickly!! We loved having all of your children here throughout the weeks and look forward to having them back again next year!

Please follow us on Facebook for all the up to date information and keep an eye out on our website for next years registration!

All the best!
Site Director - Princeton

Caldwell Week 7 Wet Day Wednesday Video

Camp might be over soon, but these awesome memories will last forever!  Click to see scenes from Wet Day Wednesday at Caldwell!

Interested in more Wet Day photos from Caldwell? Check out the link to our Week 7 Flickr: 
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A day to remember at Short Hills

Today was a day to never forget. The counselors won their first game of campers v.s. counselor soccer. Although this is the first, we know this will not be the last time we win. 

We also had our incredible shark tank presentations. Many new inventions were presented to the sharks and were given lots of loans. 

Lastly, we had to say goodbye to our cutie cooks class who made many delicious meals, snacks, and deserts. 

Chatham Says Farewell to a Friend

Chatham Week 7

     Today was a happy morning just like always at International Ivy but we all knew it was Jon's last day. Jon was such a great counselor to the campers that they wanted to do something special. He always played with them during break and loved getting to know all the kids. Here is a video we put together. Jon we hope to see you again!

Week 7 is Heating Up at Livingston

While the summer may be winding down, things are heating up at Livingston! This week some of our campers have been enjoying our cooking class where they have learned to make a variety of different foods.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Short Hills preparing for our Friday show!

Campers getting ready to show off their cool inventions to the sharks tomorrow during the shark tank presentation. Along with shark tank, other classes like fencing are gearing up to show off their new skills to their parents and the rest of the camp. We just can't wait till any of their shows! 

Last week in Scotch Plains!

It has been such a fun and educational summer!!  Site director, Jackie, along with some campers decided to thank Andrew for being such a fantastic head counselor this year! Click Here for the Video!

Check out some pictures below to also see all of the fun campers have been having this week!

Making friends in Youngster WeDo Robotics Class!

These two mustache you a question for our theme day this week!

Programming fun in Java!


Thanks for a great summer campers! We hope to see you next year :D

Chatham Mustache you a Question

Mustache day came to Chatham, and it was a smash. Campers arrived this morning with a mishmash of mustaches that were sure to make a splash with their fellow campers and staff alike. The whole camp has bonded through their bristles, socialized through their sideburns, and mingled through their manes and we can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

It seems as if Pikachu has evolved.
The top hat was optional, but we still appreciate the effort.
"Have you ever noticed that eyebrows and kind of just mustaches for your forehead?"
The truest mark of the suave gentleman is his whiskers. 
These ladies were rocking some spectacular stubble.

And a happy mustache day to you too!
We have so much more to talk about from our week in Chatham, but I guess we'll shave it for later.

Campers went on the voyage of a lifetime. Check out the video on our youtube channel. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Culinary Arts is baking up some tasty treats at Princeton!!

Our pastry chefs are decorating up a storm here at Princeton in week 7!! These ladies have been learning how to fill a piping bag and properly decorate cupcakes and cookies. Monday they made strawberry shortcakes and chessmen cookies while Tuesday they decorated their cupcakes with unique themes! Can't wait to see what other amazing and delicious treats they have in store for us this week!!!

Chatham's Youngsters are Hard at Work

This week, some of the youngest campers in Chatham have been spending their time training their brains and hunting for treasure in a selection of 3 different youngster classes. Activities have ranged from building robots, to precision golfing, to strolling and taking pictures outside.  Left Brain Mix, Right Brain Mix, and Treasure Hunt make for an awesome (and noisy) week here in Chatham, and we can't wait to see what they'll be creating in what remains of these classes.
Collaborative work between the campers has made the designing process much faster.
This camper takes every factor into account when designing the perfect robot. 

This camper works the creative side of her brain by practicing her braiding technique.
You can't break this camper's concentration as he programs his very own robot.

We love wet day at Short Hills!

Another wet and fabulous Wednesday here at Short Hills. Luckily the storm passed and we had clear and sunny skies for both breaks. We are so sad that there is only one wet day left!

Awesome Classes Worth Checking Out! - Caldwell Week 6

PSA: Check out Week 6's awesome class videos! 
Caldwell was very pleased to have such fun and creative classes and students last week. 
Our classes were Engineering of Ice Cream, Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Minecraft and Anatomy & Surgical Techniques.

Enjoy Engineering of Ice Cream below:

Invest your time in Shark Tank Class below:

Interested in more photos and videos from Caldwell? Check out the link to our Week 7 Flickr: 
Check out more videos on the Caldwell's Youtube playlist: 

Stop, Minecraft Time! Somerset - Week 7

Although it is our final week at Somerset, our students are having a blast! One fan favorite class is Minecraft Creative - Finding the Engineer in You. All of the kids are completely focused during the whole class. Some do not want to go outside during break because they want to keep playing their favorite game! The whole class communicates and works together in order to build their dream homes. We love the enthusiasm our students have for this class!

Last Minute-to-Win-it Tuesday @ Caldwell Week 7

Check out our last group of campers speed through our Minute-to-Win-it activities!
Campers were split into two teams, Team A and Team B. They were asked to do a Karaoke relay, Ping-Pong Ball on a Spoon relay, Cup Stacking and much more.
Take a look and enjoy Caldwell's last Minute-to-Win-it Game 
for summer '16!

Interested in more Wet Day photos from Caldwell? Check out the link to our Week 7 Flickr: 
Check out more videos on the Caldwell's Youtube playlist: 

First Half of week 7 @ Princeton!!

Well week seven is half way over here at Princeton :( This has been the largest group of campers we have had here and many exciting classes!

Our Brain Training class is memorizing the Presidents of the United States and they are about half way through their list! They've also been working on memorization skills and information retention tricks.

Fantasy Sports Math has been working on learning the math behind all of statistics and calculations needed in professional sports. They are focusing on Fantasy Baseball drafts and calculating the best team that they can get.

Lemonade Stand is working hard every morning to try out different recipes and develop their marketing materials. Tuesday the campers recorded their commercials and Wednesday they have been developing their websites. They are preparing to open their stands to campers and Chapin staff on Thursday after break!

Check out our Flickr page and Youtube Channel for more pictures and videos!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Campers V.S. Counselors

 Campers getting ready to win a game of running bases! The energy and camp spirit was at an all time high today after winning two soccers games yesterday. Games like running bases, soccer, and capture the chicken are a camp favorite and a great way to take a break from classes.