Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Day in Short hills Comes to an End

One of our amazing campers put two I's on her face to represent International Ivy. That's the spirit!
We had an amazing week at Short Hills where friendships were made and they made wonderful memories. It has been an amazing summer and we wish everyone to have a great summer. Hope to see you next year! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Here at Scotch Plains this week we are so excited about engineering! Our up and coming engineers have been working on creating different types of plastic all week. Through trial and error, our campers have been discovering which recipes create the most durable plastic. Through a "weight" test, campers were eager to find out they broke the record for creating the most durable plastic of summer! The campers are now working on their next challenge.... creating plastic bowls! With a little teamwork we believe they will be successful once again. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Teamwork in action!

Excited Engineers!

Check out part of the record breaking video here! For the full video click the link below!

One of the parents get involved in Hawaiian theme day!

At Short Hills one of the parents got involved in theme day with his son. They looked awesome!

Aloha! Hawaiian Theme Day in Short hills

We had an awesome Hawaiian theme day in Short hills this week. Everyone looked great!

Cast of Characters at Somerset - Week 7

Today's Theme Thursday at Somerset was Character Day! Students came to camp dressed up as their favorite character. We had a lot of creative characters here, such as Tinker Belle, Superman, and Minnie Mouse. During break, we played Sharks and Minnows as a team and had a blast. Thanks for attending International Ivy Somerset this summer! We sure hope to see you again for Summer 2018!!
Site Director Kenny with our cast of characters!

Sharks and Minnows in action!

One Great Week in Westwood

Our campers had a great week experiencing and learning about new things! 

  • Youngsters in Right Brain Mix practiced Star Wars themed Yoga poses, and even learned how to say a few phrases in Russian!
  • Campers in Minecraft Creative to make their own amusement parks and replicas of popular world structures. 
  • Students in Chemical Engineering experimented with various natural substances to make their own biodegradable plastic

In the afternoon ...
  • Youngsters in Left Brain Mix used Lego blocks and computers to program their own robots!
  • Our student artists in Comic Creation used Pixton, an internet service, to create their own superheros and comic story lines
  • Campers in Minecraft Survival for Beginners learned how to work as a team to survive the ever-spawning nighttime monsters.
  • Campers in Civil Engineering built structures to withstand earthquakes - and even tested them!

It has been such a fun and educational summer! Check out all the pictures and videos at and visit to register for next summer's classes!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

All Smiles in Short Hills

Look at these awesome smiles!!!

Sensational week Seven @ Princeton

International Ivy @ Princeton is all about the P's this week
Our last week of summer camp at Princeton is underway. While we're sad to see the summer winding down to the end, from Public Speaking to Pre-Law and Python programming to Plays (in film class), we're ending our summer having fun!

I had a Dream and Watermelone' was the Theme! Oakland week 7!

This week in Oakland we have been having a variety of fun with Lemonade Stand, Film Making, Robotics Level 1 Animals, and Stop Action Animation!

Lemonade stand has been working hard to create their own flavors of lemonade and learning how to market and sell their product to others. They talk about the cost of business and how to turn a profit all while enjoying a delicious glass of lemonade.

Robotics are working hard to put their building skills to the test to build a wide variety of lego-based animals.

Film-Making and Stop Action Animation are working towards creating their own movies and stories and displaying them for the world to see :]

All for nothing, it's been a great week here in Oakland and we can't wait to see what each student creates!

 Lemonade Stand Creating their now famous Watermelon Mango Lemonade!
Stop action animators busy deciding the next move!

Learning Leadership Skills - Somerset Week 7

Students taking AdventureQuest Leadership Games are developing important skills such as communication, team building, and problem solving. Our students spend their time playing different leadership games as a team, such as building a rollercoaster! While it is not always easy working together, our students are learning what it means to be a team player in order to achieve their goals. Take a look at the fun that has been happening in class this week!

A team working together to make their own structure using all the pieces.

All of the students working together. 

The Amazing Canvas Painting Class

Here at Short Hills our amazing painters have been doing an awesome job painting many wonderful things.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Way Cool Campers in Westwood!

We are so excited to be the first International Ivy campers in Westwood, NJ! We are loving our new location and our great International Ivy staff members. It's going to be a fantastic week!

We are running a variety of classes this week. Minecraft Creative Engineering and Minecraft Survival for Beginners challenge campers in a fun, familiar environment. Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering challenge students with real-life science projects. Campers in Comic Creation create their own comic characters, setting, and story online . Our Youngster classes feature a mix of right-brain and left-brain activities.

Break time is fun, too! Whether we are playing Heads-Up or outside playing Human Knot or Drop-It/Catch-It, we have a great time!

Check back later this week! You'll see how we'll create slime, make our own stories, build replicas of famous structures, and explore our world in new ways!

Also check for more pictures & videos!

Party in 3D

Creatures, buildings, and fidget spinners, oh my! The creative juices are flowing here at Scotch Plains this week in our 3D printing classes! The campers are letting their imaginations run wild by bringing to life everything and anything starting from key chains to jewelry. It's only Day 2 and our campers ideas have already been so unique and innovative! One of our campers even created a fidget spinner 2.0, putting a twist on the classic and beloved toy! We cannot wait to see what our campers will come up with next!
Our camper is leaving this week with some new bling!

The fidget spinner 2.0!

Our campers are so excited to show their 3D prints!

Twice the Fun in 2D Games! Somerset Week 7

2D Video Games is a popular class every summer. Not only is it a great class, but our students are lucky to have their awesome teacher, Ryan who makes the class a lot of fun! We are excited to see their games at the end of the week!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ivy Summer Comes to a Close in Chatham

Chatham Week 6

Chatham decided to end the summer with style. On the last day of camp our campers got to throw pies at their favorite counselors, and the counselors then returned the favor. To cap it all off we brought wet day out of retirement and went wild for the last few moments of camp. The Chatham Team hopes all our campers left International Ivy with new friends, great experiences and fond memories. We'll miss all our campers and want to wish everyone a great rest of the summer. We hope to see you all again next year!

Revenge is a dish best served with a side of pie

Momma Bird gets pie'd

Payback for all those goals Jack!

Color Wars Comes to an End - Somerset Week 6

This week, Somerset had a Color Wars battle! We were excited to see many campers participating with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The Red and Blue teams faced each other in friendly competitions throughout the week. In the morning, the Red team was declared the winner, and in the afternoon, the Blue team was the winner. We are so excited that our campers had fun in these events, while also showing they had great sportsmanship. During the week, campers participated in team building challenges, relay races, soccer, a game called "infection," and SPUD.  Finally, our campers wore their International Ivy t-shirt today, which made for a great end to our Color Wars by showing their team and camp spirit!
Red Team and Blue Team!

Group picture at the end of Color Wars!

Oakland has a Werewolf Problem!

This week in Oakland has been a fantastic mixture between Creative Writings, Science Classes, and learning Python! But, nothing beats our intense sessions of Werewolf during break!
Students created a wide variety of stories, from anime stories to their renditions of old classic fairy-tales and beyond! Students also designed their own structures and bridges, how to code in Python, and how to make plastics and their effect on the environment!

Thanks for a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon!

 Students working on their creative stories and making edits!
A super-star designing his bridge!

Golf Olympics in Short Hills

On the last day of camp for the week, the golf class competed in a massive golf competition, including putting, chipping and driving!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We Mustache You Some Questions...

It's Mustache Day in Scotch Plains and we cannot stop laughing! Our teachers and campers really got in the spirit. Whether you have a Monopoly man stache, tough guy stache, curly stache, or pirate stache, toss out those razors and rock it! 😀

Oakland's Builders Only Club

So far the week is off to a fabulous start!

This week in Oakland we have a very serious group of Civil Engineers who are working hard to create bridges and buildings that can withstand a variety of weights and natural disasters. Our engineers have successfully completed a wide variety of tests and their knowledge on the topic is excelling beyond our predicted calculations! Keep up the hard work!

 Students are building structures to withstand the shake-table!
A student is delighted with how his project is coming along!

Marvelously Minecraft - Somerset Week 6

This week at Somerset, we have Minecraft! In the morning, we have Minecraft Creative Mode and in the afternoon, campers are working on their math with Minecraft Math. Our students are fully engaged as they enjoy Minecraft! We are happy to see how excited they are about getting time to play, communicate, and work together in Minecraft.

International Ivy to the Rescue!

Chatham Week 6

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's International Ivy! Today our campers came dressed as their favorite superheroes as apart of our Theme Thursday. Most kids came decked out in costumes sporting their favorite comic book heroes, but some went the next step and created their own superheroes for the day. It was a great way to end the Summer here in Chatham. 

Introducing: Tie Man!

The Flash and Supergirl decided to show up too!

Miss Matched at Short Hills

Today was Mismatch Day at Short Hills! Here's one of the craziest examples. Check out more on our Flickr:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Getting Sappy in Short Hills

Today in Short Hills we gave one of our campers the surprise of a lifetime! Our camper was sad to see his favorite counselors Jon and Kyle leave last week, so they decided to surprise him by visiting today. Watch the reunion below!

Crazy day at Chatham

Chatham Week 6

As the last week of camp reaches its halfway point, the campers in Chatham decided to have some fun. One entire class dressed up in Orange, and the counselors challenged some students to a sword fight in the afternoon. I guess the old saying "Chatham has more fun" really is true! 

Some lightsaber fun!

Orange Day!

3...2...1...Takeoff at Short Hills!

In Short Hills today, the Eureka! The Inventors' Camp class learned all about flight. They put the events of the history of flight in order, made paper airplanes, and played this awesome board game to understand the concepts of drag, thrust, gravity, and lift!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Visit to the Somerset Surgery Center - Week 6

This week our teacher Debra is teaching Anatomy and Surgical Techniques. Since this is a popular class, the room is jammed pack with students, surgical equipment, and tons of fun! The students are learning valuable information on different parts of the body.
Today, campers learned all about the brain and even made a brain hat. Following break, students began their first dissection of the week - a sheep's brain! They are having a great time working towards successfully completing their first dissection. As the week goes on, we know our students will continue to have a lot of fun doing hands-on surgeries!

Students with their brain hats

Students carefully starting off their dissection 

Future Surgeons of Short Hills

Today the Anatomy and Surgical Techniques class learned about the different parts of the brain and their functions, and then dissected sheep brains!

Man Overboard at Short Hills!

Rain can't stop Short Hills campers from having fun! We couldn't go outside for morning break today, so we went to the gym and played a silly game called Ship-Shore. Who needs the sun?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Comic Creation in Chatham

Chatham Week 6

Not even rainy Mondays can stop the fun bus in Chatham! To kick off the week our comic creation class went to work by planning, drawing and then designing their comics on the computers. We have some really talented artists here at International Ivy, so keep your eyes peeled because one of our campers could be the next Stan Lee. 

A student with his comic book characters

Campers get to work creating their design on the computer