Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Big Dreams at Short Hills!

At Short Hills, we offer many classes including Website Design and Shark Tank. These classes help our campers take a look at their future and get excited about it! Every camper at Short Hills has big dreams and International Ivy is here to support it!!

3, 2, 1, action! at Livingston

This week, campers at Livingston have a blast making their very own movie in Film Making! Here, the campers learn everything from story boarding to writing, acting and directing their own motion picture. With complete freedom to make whatever they want, these campers have used their creative minds to devise a comedy featuring a criminal as the main character, with a cop out to stop him from stealing and wreaking havoc! With strong actors, incredible minds and a great teacher to guide them, Film Making takes the stage at Livingston this week.

Scotch Plains Week 6 - Engineering of Ice Cream!

What's better than making ice cream at camp? Making ice cream and rice krispie treats at camp! This week some of the campers are learning the process of creating different treats like ice cream and rice krispies while also getting to enjoy them. This class lets them use their imaginations to create their own flavors/recipes and still have a delicious final product!

Learning about the brain in Burlington

This week in Burlington we've had a wide variety of activities! from drones, to lemonade, to shark tank and anatomy. Our young future surgeons have been hard at work this week learning about how the body works and learning basic surgical techniques.

 Yesterday, our campers got their hands on a sheep brain and put their skills to the test! they learned about the different portions and how to properly investigate with a dissection. However, this wasn't for everyone and definitely not for the sheepish.

 All our campers pulled through and learned a great deal about the process! Can't wait to see what else these campers will do this week.

Cryptology & Cyber Security at Short Hills!

Yesterday, the campers in Cryptology & Cyber Security learned about the AffineCipher. They learned about how to decrypt and encrypt messages. After they finished, they got to send each other messages and even try to hack themselves! They are quickly becoming Cryptology & Cyber Security experts!!!

Always moving in Summit!

This week at Summit, our students have been very competitive and jump at any opportunity to earn ivy points! Some of the activities we have done so far include a race to untangle a human knot, a bootcamp challenge to complete an obstacle course, push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees, and an indoor puzzle scavenger hunt. Our kids excelled in all of these activities just as well as they do in their classrooms. 

Easy as ABC!


In Princeton's Youngster Right Brain Mix class, we're learning to read and write.  Today, we have a theme of fruits and veggies.  They're good to eat, but their names are hard to spell.  This guy got them all right, though!

Livingston's Crafting up Something Cool in Minecraft Creative!

Our campers here at Livingston are busy this week punching trees, fighting zombies, and looking for the much-sought-after diamond ore. In Minecraft Creative, they're able to try out their own building skills, making creations particular to their own creative tastes, and also work together on big projects! So far, the group has started working on a roller coaster that will be able to run with some mine-rail placing and red stone engineering!

Counselor Kelsey got in on the fun this week and showed off her own survival skills when the group decided to try out Survival Mode for a while. She helped give some crafting tips for surviving the world and the mobs of Minecraft.

Our campers are so excited for the rest of the week, and so are we! They can't wait to come to camp and try new things in the never-ending world of their very own creation, and we can't wait to see what amazing things they dream up next!

Printing in a new dimension @ Somerset

Somerset Week 6

This week we have Divya teaching our awesome class, 3D Printing! They have already printed some super, cool stuff such as a fiery brag (cat, bat, and dragon), a pog (dog and penguin), a figer (fish and tiger), and even a pigasus (pig and bird)! We are looking forward to see all the other cool stuff they create this week! 

Our fiery brag and pog! How cool! 

Showing off their true artistic skills! 

The super talented class of 3D printers

Look at these drawings! They are working on creating cool, architectural building around the world.

Video Game Creation at Oakland!

In our Video Game Creation class, campers have been hard at work writing code to create games similar to what you would play on a classic Atari console. They also enjoy trying out one another's games, and competing to see who achieves the highest score!