Friday, August 4, 2017

Oakland Crafters!

Hey there, Crafters!
Another exciting fun-filled action packed week comes to a close in Oakland as our Minecraftanauts find themselves spending their last day in space! It's been an out of the world experience and we thank you for that!

 Students are working hard at staying alive on the moon!
Teacher Garrett explains how to make something on the moon to a student as another looks on at a student battling with an alien monster!

Friday Ivy Spirit - Somerset Week 5

Fridays are all about showing our Ivy spirit! Every week, we end on a positive note with our students wearing their Ivy shirt and redeeming prizes from the treasure chest. We had a pretty exciting week here at Somerset, and we are looking forward to the last 2 weeks of International Ivy!
Uno mornings at Somerset are a blast!

Film-Making students with their Ivy shirts!

Summing Up Summit- Sad to See the Summer Go

As the week comes to a close in Summit here's the final summary of what went down. Our 3D Printers were able to print so many unique objects such as a block of cheese doorstop and a desk calendar. Our robotics classes enjoyed having their vehicles and animals race. The app designers were thrilled with how their projects came out. Our investment literacy gurus left with knowledge of the stock market and our chemists are walking away with some sticky slime.

Signing off for the last time this Summer,
The 2017 Summit Team

Chatham's Civil Engineering Fun

Chatham Week 5

If you ever needed proof that International Ivy students are the smartest kids on earth, look no further than the civil engineering class in Chatham. Our campers worked in teams to engineer a bridge that could span between two desks and then had a competition to see which structure could hold the most weight. The result was a ton of well-designed and amazing bridges made only out of paper, tape, straws, and paper clips. It's awesome to see these budding engineers grow at Ivy!

Ivy Campers standing next to their finished bridges 

Color Wars Conclusion (For Now)

Red team won Short Hills Color Wars this morning by one point! Both teams have had so much fun this week doing relays and playing soccer and most of all, cheering! But the fun isn't done yet; afternoon Color Wars still isn't over!

Chelsea break time!

We've been playing fourquare (or "box ball") during break time all week.  It's gotten pretty intense!