Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Colorful Construction at Short Hills

 On Day 3 of the first week at Short Hills, the Leadership Games class continued to learn and play together. They combined their creativity to make some interesting designs!

They were even able to make a house, toy blocks, and one huge tower.
They finished up by discovering the world's tallest human!

Introducing Game Theory

Chatham Week 1

         Did you ever dream of running your own country? With the new class game theory you are in charge. Learning diplomacy and peace treaties has never been this fun. You get to declare war on other nations and try to work out your differences for the good of your people. Check out the video detailing Game Theory from one of our campers. 

Exciting Nature Walk at Short Hills!

On Tuesday during our first week of camp at Short Hills, the Youngsters practiced their photography skills during a nature walk!

Equipped with cameras, the kids documented their fascinating finds while learning about the plant life they were seeing! They found some gorgeous flowers, uniquely-shaped leaves, and tall trees.