Thursday, July 12, 2012

Counselor Post #3

The past two days have been busy and full of new activities.  The Detective Spy Lab has been working on alarm systems, fingerprinting, and crime scene investigation.  I love walking into that classroom and seeing all of the cool things that they are working on.

Next, we have robotics.  They have been preparing for their final battle tomorrow.  They have practiced shooting at targets, adding light and color sensors, and also touch sensors.  The younger robotics students are working on new projects every day, and I've been seeing every animal you can imagine. 

Fashion Design is preparing for quite the show tomorrow, but they have been keeping their work under lock and key to make sure everyone is surprised!

We are also doing a good amount of team building work, as well as some fun and games.  We play games such as the Human Knot, Kickball, and Boom.  Boom is a blindfolded trust activity, where the group has to guide the blindfolded person across the obstacle course.  If anyone steps on an obstacle, the group yells BOOM to let them know to start again.  They got very good at it!  By the end of the week, we have all gotten to know each other very well.  Our final day of Week 2 should be an amazing day tomorrow, so please stop by to look at more pictures!

Playing a name game

Afternoon break

The Human Knot

Untangling the group

Our counselor Jaimee being untangled

Testing the sensors

Playing Boom!

Giving directions

Leading our blindfolded person astray! 

Testing our birds 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tomorrow's battle is going to be AWESOME! I hope I can win against the other robots.  Each robot has awesome weapons.  So far I have made 3 weapons but that's not enough.  Even if I don't win it's fine, but I still hope I can win.  This battle is going to be epic!! :) 


Finishing Touches...

Today we finished our skirts.  That means we're done!  Tomorrow is our fashion show.  Almost everyone wrote the invitations for family and friends.  We made a lot of videos for our skirts.  I'm really excited about the fashion show! 


Fashion Design

Today was so much fun.  We made skirts and now our outfit's done!  Tomorrow is our fashion show!  I am so excited.  

          * M.S. 


It's so fun.  I want to do the camp until I am 80 years old.  I like it becaise of the game room.  It has the wii and more things. 



Right now I am testing bluetooth, but it just won't work.  It just keeps going in circles.  I want it to go forward when I click enter, left when left is pressed and right when right is pressed.  It turned out the sender program was wrong.  



Today is Thursday in Robotics.  I like it.  We are learning about Bluetooth.  I just made a program for it.  The program used Bluetooth to move.  It was fun! 

               - A.L.

Game Room

I like the game room.  It has a wii, lots of games & comfortable sofas.  It also has books for all levels.  We go there for break sometimes.  It is very fun! 

         - A.L. 

Getting Ready

The tournament was only two days away and "B" and I decided to put some weapons on our robot.  A fake battle was held the next day.  The competition was ready.  It was a battle royale.  "J" finished off two robots.  His mega crusher crushed a robo bear 20 and a cyber snake 25.  Then he won.  I know what he will do on Friday. 

         - N.M.


Hi I'm J.T.  I will tell you about the robotics class. 

On Monday we made a robot.  On Tuesday we added a sensor.  The sensor makes the robot to not run into people.  The sensor also makes the robot to not run into other robots. 

            - J.T. 

Robotics Class, Wednesday. Mystery...

Suspects: Someone or something is stealing battle balls. 

Clues: Team Ultra Dragon lost a ball with "E" on it.  "J" lost battle balls with the letter "J".  Some balls went in to the hallway.  A destroyed robot.  "Z" has a missing ball with "B" on it.

The detective has saved the day. 

Culprit: Unknown.

       - N.M. 

Day 3

Today is the 3rd day of camp.  I am having trouble with me t-shirt but I got it done!

Starting to decorate

Adding designs

Listening to instructions