Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Creative Writing Takes Over the Blog

Chatham Week 2

Greetings from the International Ivy Week 2 AM Creative Writing class in Chatham! We are very
excited to be here this week. This class is made up of two awesome, amazing, artistic writers!
We love this class for many reasons! Mostly because we love to write! And we have an amazing
teacher, Michelle! We make amazing poems and short stories.

Although it is a short week because of the holiday, we are working very hard and having a great
time and learning a lot. On our first day, we learned about personification, simile, and metaphor.
Today, we used photographs from home to inspire our poetry using what we learned so far. Some
of the activities were poems, rhyming games and making up stories. We meet here to learn and
have fun!

“My favorite part was making the poems because you get to tell how you feel and you rhyme.”

“My favorite part of the class is being able to be creative with stories.”

Later this week, look out for some amazing short stories! We are so ready to write, and we love
this class!

Future Surgeons at Work !!

On Day 2 of Week 2 at Short Hills, the Anatomy and Surgical Procedures class got to dive in to their first dissection! They got to dissect a sheep's brain and even had fun playing with their dissection tools!

A Special Birthday In Chatham

Week 2: Chatham

      Today in Chatham we are celebrating. It is Head Counselor Charlotte's birthday! Charlotte has been with International Ivy for three summers and Chatham is lucky to have had her. She worked her way up from a Counselor to Head Counselor this year. If you are ever looking for Charlotte, you can find her hard at work in the office working on technology reports, playing with the youngsters, or building robots with the campers. She always runs great break games and over the years has made a lasting impression on not only the campers, but the fellow employees as well. Happy Birthday Charlotte and know that we are all better people for meeting you!