Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Video Game Blog

My game will be about a character going to a village that was destroyed.  The character encounters ghosts while looking through rubble.  The character knows that he isn't going to escape without a fight.  The objective is to escape.  There are warps to bring you to the next room.  However, the warps only appear when the enemies are defeated.  Some rooms are just bonus rooms filled with coins to add to your score.  You will have a certain amount of health and lives.  And, your character will throw ninja stars by pressing space.  This is what my game will be about. 

I love singing camp because you get to do a lot of cool things like getting to record your own personal song that you write.  Another thing I like about singing camp is you get ivy points and when you get a prize for 50 ivy points.  Another thing I like are the counselors are very nice too and they are funny.  The only counselor I know is Jaimee because she writes the ivy points for my class and she stays in our room a lot.  I want to come to this camp again because it is super super fun.  

A Post From our International Student

One of our international students in the singing class wrote a post.  We are going to miss her terribly!

These days I took two lessons of singing class.  We learned a lot.  And I learned a lot of kinds of music.  Then we should write songs and we are going to sing it.  It's hard for me.  I can't even write a song.  Maybe it's different in the class than from what I imagine.  But it's ok.  I think when I come back to China I will tell m friends about this singing class.  It's so cool!  And I will go back to China on Friday.  And I must be very sad and I will miss here a lot and miss the summer camp a lot. 

I am in singing sensation.  We are having a show.  We are also recording.  I love this class.  We learned about different types of music, and we got to dance with our friends.  

The things we did in singing were great.  WE got to learn more things about singing.  We get to record a song.  We can do it with someone or just do it ourselves.  Then we can perform it in front of our parents.  But we have to record our songs and then we're going to do a group song.  

I take singing lessons at this camp.  Out teacher is Tania.  I love working with her.  We are recording ourselves and making a CD.  We are also having a concert for our parents.  We also wrote our own song!  It has been great over the days at International Ivy camp.  If you love to sing, take the singing class!  I assure you that you're going to love it!

I love singing sensation.  I get to make a song and record it.  We sing for fun.  e even put on a show.  I learned a few songs that are super cool.  Everyone's songs were so cool.