Friday, July 29, 2016

Princeton Week 5 is coming to an end

We had a great time here at Princeton week 5!! Our campers learned about anatomy and the different systems of the body, how to create plastics with their own unique chemical compounds, different ways to make tasty ice cream, and how to present to a group!!

The highlight of our week for our Anatomy and Surgical Techniques class was dissecting a frog!! Our campers were real troopers in identifying the different systems of the body and examining all the organs of a frog. Our frogs were two females and one male so campers got to experience the different things that make up each.

Chemical Engineering spent the week creating different types of materials, including bouncy balls and their own plastic creations! They had the opportunity to see who's recipe for a bouncy ball yielded the bounciest of them all!


Our Engineering of Ice Cream kept all of our campers enjoying some sweet treats each day as they experimented with different flavors of ice cream. Some fan favorites included Orange Creamsicle, Caramel, and Maple Syrup.


And finally, our Public Speaking and Youth Leadership addressed an important topic to our campers, cancer research, by presenting facts, figures, and ways that you can donate to help stop cancer. Our campers spent the week discussing a variety of hot topics from politics to cultural diversity, finally deciding on this important topic to research and present on Friday.

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Sport's Day Thursday @ Caldwell - Week 5

Sports Day at Caldwell was full of camp spirit! 
We had NFL, MLB, and NBA jerseys as well as props like field hockey sticks, basketballs and baseball bats. Some campers wore team caps and sweat bands. Others wore their own team jerseys, like their elementary school's soccer team or travel baseball team. 
Overall, we were very proud of Caldwell's Themed-Thursday participation!
Take a look!

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Paramus Week 5 Showcase

Check out our latest videos featuring the Paramus Week 5 Showcase Presentations!

Stage Combat in Chatham

This Friday at Chatham everyone had the pleasure to watch Stage Combat's performance! They've been working hard all week to show everyone what they've learned. Their teacher has taught them different techniques and moves to fool the audience. He stressed the difference between stage combat and street fighting to emphasize the importance of teamwork. Many of the other campers watched in awe as campers Myles and Lorelai were able to relay the skills that they learned. Thanks to Myles and Lorelai for your amazing performance!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oakland's Great Big Sportsball Celebration of Sports Day

Humanity's inherent fascination with contests of athletic skill came to fruition as today was Sports Day. Campers got the chance to wear their favorite sports-themed clothing and played sports-based games ranging from kickball to 4-square.

Jeter retired, but this camper carries on the legacy
I guess even going 0-16 is good enough for Josh to be a fan of your franchise!
Athletic achievements weren't the only kind of achievements today, as many of the campers also excelled academically. 

Video Game Design class codes the blockbusters of the future
These engineers work to solve problems in teams.
The week wraps up tomorrow, and here in Oakland, we're looking forward to more time well spent!

The Minecraft Fun Never Ends at Caldwell - Week 5

The Minecraft fun never ends at Caldwell! 
This week we have two Minecraft classes. There is Minecraft Advanced in the morning and Minecraft Creative in the afternoon. Minecraft classes of all variety tend to be our campers favorite and most populated classes. They like it because it is fun, creative, promotes teamwork with their friends, and, in the words of a few campers, "we get to blow things up"! 
Check it out!

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Sports Day at Short Hills!

Hut hut hike! Short Hills campers came in their favorite sports gear today which was perfect for break time when we played games like football and handball.

Some campers finished their robots earlier and were able to race/fight each other!

Sports Day at Somerset! Week 5

Today's Theme Thursday happens to be Sports Day! Students were encouraged to wear a sports jersey/uniform/t-shirt. We were so happy to see a lot of different players wearing their favorite sports jersey today! Good job, Somerset!

Scratch Programming Level 1 at Summit!

Here at Summit, our campers are hard at work on the games they are creating in Scratch Programming Level 1.  They are even having some fun while doing it!  Campers are creating their own unique games complete with titles and graphics that they have designed themselves!  

This camper titled her game 'Hoptropica' after the popular website Poptropica.
Making friends in class is great!

Coming at you LIVE! During Week 5 at Livingston

We've had a very busy week here at Livingston. Our campers have been enjoying their classes.One class they haven't been able to stop talking about is AdventureQuest Leadership Games. The children have been playing many fun and exciting games that require them to use their imagination and thinking skills. They cooperate with their peers and gain leadership abilities while completing the engaging activities.

Here is a picture of some of the Leadership Games students working hard in their classroom.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wonderful Wet Day at Short Hills!

These girls are super ready for an awesome wet day! Preparing to get soaked with cool water by sun bathing on a pretty pink towel! 2

Oakland's Week 5 High 5 Hand Jive is Going Live!

It's full steam ahead in Oakland as we keep on chugging through a great week. This week brings Robotics, Minecraft, Video Game Design and so many other great class options. Our campers this week have had tons of fun in each of their respective classes, and we can't wait to share a portion of it with you.

Robotics Animals and Robotics Vehicles are working hard to design their mechanical minions this week. They've been hard at work assembling these robots to serve practical uses, like building a mousetrap, or an inchworm, which might not be as practical.

This camper works to find the perfect set of tires for his vehicle. Personally, I'd suggest the round ones.
This instructor goes over the basics of programming artificial intelligence.
Even Counselor Josh is learning something in this class!
2D Video Game Creation is working hard to develop the games of their dreams using the tools contained within the program. The kids are taking inspiration from many of their favorite games to tool their new creations. 

These designers are working hard to complete the next gaming blockbuster
The search for ideas in the creative process takes many forms.
Our instructor teaches the basics of video game design!

3D Video Game Design takes designing games into a new dimension. This class utilizes a different program to create full-blown 3D worlds for the player to navigate. These campers have generated challenging parkour and maze sections, and create fully realized worlds within their computer screens.

An amazing jump brings gamers together!
This camper's concentration can't be broken as he carefully goes through the creative process. 
Careful advisement of the direction of a game greatly influences the final product.
Minecraft Survival for Beginners has campers learning the basic ins and outs of Minecraft's survival mode. These young builders and engineers develop their own homes and learn the basics of fighting monsters.

Can these two make it through the night? Or will the zombies get to them first?
"And that is why diamonds are so rare."
Minecraft Creative: The Engineer in You presents kids with the challenge of working in teams to build useful and creative structures to solve engineering problems. These kind of projects increase the critical thinking and problem solving knowledge of the campers to be able to follow directions and work in teams efficiently. Teambuilding activities are also a crucial part of the class.

Our instructor guides the campers on designing the Golden Gate Bridge.
Today, Minecraft, tomorrow, the world!

Not all the fun in Oakland this week has been reserved for classes either! We've had some killer break games ranging from Running Bases to 4-Square to our tried and true Bouncy Day. 

This team of students worked to build a tower from marshmallows and uncooked pasta.
Every camper loves Bouncy Day!

Oakland has hit the ground running this week, and the fun is set to continue into the coming weeks. Here's to another great week!

The Best Day is Wet Day! Somerset - Week 5

Campers at Somerset look forward to every Wednesday because it means one thing...WET DAY! They can't wait until break time hits so they can go outside and get soaked in the dunk tank! We also have water balloons and water shooters! It is so great seeing everyone so happy on Wednesdays! Take a look at a few pictures from today's Wet Day down below!

Sincerely, LA Bootcamp at Chatham

This week in Chatham we decided to allow the Language Arts Bootcamp class to take on a blog post during their day. Here is what they had to say about their week so far!

Hello, we are LA boot camp. We are reading Enders Game. Enders Game is about a child named Ender who is sent to military school to become a commander of a starship. He is going to be trained to fight aliens and save the Earth. We all like the book. There are many interesting parts in Enders Game. It's funny too!

We learned about contractions and puns. We think they were funny. We also learned about idioms and we made our own idiom book. We are having a lot of fun the past few days!


Campers Teddy, Dean, Saho and Ranice

Thanks LA Bootcamp for this blog which allows everyone to know how your class is going!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Minute to Win it Tuesdays @ Caldwell Week 5

Our campers are loving Minute-to-Win it Tuesdays! 
We have so many relay races for the campers to partake in, such as the "bean-bag toss", "ball on a spoon", and running relays. We had two teams and Team A won!
Take a look at our Minute-to-Win-it games:

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Minute to win it games at Short Hills!

Our Tuesday's are known for our awesomely fun minute to win it games! Today's game was hut hut hike! Campers had to throw toilet paper through a hoop with some challenges in the way. Winners get an ivy point!

Chatham Week 5

Imagination Running Wild

                    This week we have one of the most exciting new classes, 3D Printing! Each day, Chris has the campers do a whole group activity. Yesterday, they made keychains and today they learned how to construct utensils. They use what they learn in their mini-lessons to then create their own projects! I've seen horses, robots, and even Poke balls! Here is a video with one of our campers describing how they constructed a club house building.

Fierce competition here in Princeton!

Week 5 has some competitive campers here at Princeton!! We've been able to divide up into different teams each break session for Pictionary, Charades, and today's Minute it Win it Challenge, Blown Away! Our campers are all pretty evenly matched in age and abilities so each game has had some serious competition!

Statue of Liberty
Group Charades
Minute to Win it Challenge: Blown Away

These team games have been great ice breakers for campers to get to know one another! Check out our Flickr page and Youtube channel for more pictures and videos of our week!
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