Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 4 here at Princeton

Our campers here at Princeton hit the ground running with some Minute to Win it Games on morning break.The highlight of the games (and a camper favorite) was Separation Anxiety in which campers must try to separate M&Ms into cups as fast as possible using just one hand! We had a practice round for each camper, then they were off! Check out the finals, came down to a photo finish with a single M&M separating first and second place.

Our week progressed on with wonderful weather and great classes!

Graphic Design and GIMP spent the first class creating their own personal logo that represents them.
Inch Worm
Robotics spent the first half of the week creating, building, and coding their animal creations

Fashion Design and the Sewing Machine didn't waste any time creating their own PJ pants

And of course, everyone's favorite day is Wednesday for WATER DAY!!

Check out our Flickr page and YouTube channel for more from week 4!

Wonderful Wet Day at Short Hills

Campers had a blast at our fourth incredible wet day! Water balloons, water shooters, and dunk tank were a huge hit once again! 

Some of Short Hills youngsters learning a new yoga pose from a Frozen yoga video!  

Bouncy Day at Oakland

The Sports House lacks any outdoor facilities, making wet day an impossibility in Oakland. Fortunately, we've replaced it with our own version, Bouncy Day. While we may not have fun water-based games, we do have a gigantic inflatable velcro wall. Tons of campers love showing off their tricks on the wall, and we've had some great success.

The campers look upon the beloved velcro wall with pride.
Sticking the landing after a perfect backflip leaves many campers in awe.
Did you know that even falling down is fun?
Counselor Josh is sure jealous of the campers on the wall right now.
He came close to making it up the whole wall, seems like the walk down is always the hardest.

From catching them all to bouncing for break, Oakland's Week 4 looks bright.

Wacky Wet Day Wednesday! Somerset - Week 4

Take a look at all of the fun Somerset had during today's Wet Day! The sun was shinning and the cold water was flowing. 
All of the campers and Site Director Kenny had a great time! 

Scotch Plains Week 4!!

Film-making, 3D Printing, Shark Tank, and Stop-Action Animation Classes are all running this week!  It's only Wednesday but campers have already learned a tremendous amount while also having fun and making friends.  Check out what they've done so far !

3D Printing key chain!

Film-making costumes!

Creating business plans in Shark Tank!

Stop-Action Animation Movies!

And don't forget, it's Wednesday, so that means--WET DAY!!