Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chatham Reminders!

***Snacks are not provided by International Ivy.  Please make sure your son or daughter has a snack, and 2 snacks if he or she stays the full day***

Thursday is WET DAY!! Please bring a towel, change of clothes (2 changes of clothes for full day students), and a water toy.

Friday - Wear your Ivy shirts!!

Caldwell Week 2: Minecraft

In camp so far, we've learned to use the resources we have in Minecraft to build anything to help us from a bridge to a house. It's been really fun. Also, we had to use maps to get through mazes. - S.R.

I enjoyed making a bridge with the whole class! -C.C.

In camp so far we learned a lot about Minecraft. We built a bridge and fought zombies. We have also went through mazes. We also built houses. M.D.

I like minecraft and pajama day!!! -C.C.

Caldwell Week 2: C++

I love International Ivy! I took C++ and I learned how to make a computer program. My program can turn celcius into farenhiet. Also, I loved water day, pajama day and the other activities during brake. -S.C.

The course I took this week is C++. We were able to start codding in eclipse is a program that allows us to code in C++. This camp is amazing, apart from the great courses, in break time we play outside, have snack, and have fun. I can't wait to come back next year! - E.W.

What I enjoyed about camp this week was everything! My class, C++ was impeccable and I had fun programming different things. We had fun in breaks too! We played games that got our cardio running and exercises us. Everyone here is nice and benevolent! I love this camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- M.K.

Short Hills Week 2: Music Video Production

 Planning out the music video is the first step!
 On location to film the music video

 Filming the "serious and artsy" parts of the video
Practicing the big dance number!

Chatham Week 2 - Robotics

"My favorite thing to do in my class robotics is to build.  I like the building part because you get to create and recreate. You an make it big, small, tall, short, strong ,weak or stylable.  To make your robot perfect, you will have to follow each direction carefully. If you are not careful you will have a disaster or maybe a good robot. The rules are to listen, behave and HAVE FUN!!!" - S.B.

3D Art From Caldwell Week 1