Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Getting Sappy in Short Hills

Today in Short Hills we gave one of our campers the surprise of a lifetime! Our camper was sad to see his favorite counselors Jon and Kyle leave last week, so they decided to surprise him by visiting today. Watch the reunion below!

Crazy day at Chatham

Chatham Week 6

As the last week of camp reaches its halfway point, the campers in Chatham decided to have some fun. One entire class dressed up in Orange, and the counselors challenged some students to a sword fight in the afternoon. I guess the old saying "Chatham has more fun" really is true! 

Some lightsaber fun!

Orange Day!

3...2...1...Takeoff at Short Hills!

In Short Hills today, the Eureka! The Inventors' Camp class learned all about flight. They put the events of the history of flight in order, made paper airplanes, and played this awesome board game to understand the concepts of drag, thrust, gravity, and lift!