Monday, July 27, 2015

Scotch Plains Week 5

 Robotics Level 1 Vehicles has a very special guest this week.  Campers are so excited to have Kenny, the site director from Edison, teaching their class!  They had a blast this morning building their robots.  In the coming days, campers will program and test out their vehicles.

Campers in Mobile App Design 1 & 2 are hard at work creating their own video games!  

In Competition Training for the Math Athlete, campers are playing math jeopardy and sharing their strategies for solving word problems.  

Short Hills Week 5 - Break Time

We always have an alternate activity during our breaks. 

Far Hills Week 5: A Gift From A Camper

Look what a camper made the staff at Far Hills over the weekend! She really enjoys creating henna designs, so she covered an entire page them and hid our names inside. See if you can find our names! What a great way to start the week!

Far Hills Week 5: Youngsters in Construction!


We've got an exciting week lined up over at Far Hills. For the first time ever, Far Hills is having construction classes! This morning, the youngsters are hard at work learning how to use a hammer and nails. Word around the campfire is they get to build their very own tool box and then construct a brand new birdhouse! The birds flying around New Jersey have no idea how lucky they are! Take a look at a few photos from this morning's class:

This camper is an absolute natural! He was already on his second nail when we took this picture.
This was taken moments after this camper hammered his very first nail!

He's worked so hard that his goggles steamed up! But, safety first: We always make sure to protect our eyes and ears.