Thursday, August 7, 2014

Did Somebody Say Tie Dye? Edison - Week 6

Today, students at Edison were busy tie dying t-shirts during the break. Students had a blast mixing the different colors and coming up with cool designs. Below you will see all the funky shirt designs.

Far Hills Campers Give Us the Ivy Inside Scoop

It may be Far Hills' last week of summer camp, but that doesn't mean we are skimping on fun and learning! The campers wrote out and illustrated what's going on in their classes. Honestly, we counselors wish we could be taking some of these classes: Magic, Spy Lab, Lemonade Stand, Oh my! See for yourself! 

James is taking Robotics and Spy Lab. He says, " I have a wonderful time at camp. I have built 3 different robots. So far I have built 2 basic and one intermediate robots. In spy lab I learned how to be a detective and did scientific tests that a detective would do." 

Riley is taking Robotics and Mobile App Design. He says, "In Lego Robotics we have built two robots. We've built a car and a race car. The car had a color sensor on the front and so does the race car. I really like it because it involves my two favorite things; Legos and electronics."

Riya is taking Lemonade Stand and Mobile App Design. She says, "The classes I am taking this week are Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur and Mobile App Design. In Lemonade Stand I am making a lemonade stand, money, and signs. In Mobile App Design the class is making the game "Pong." International Ivy Rocks!"

Siya is taking Video Game Creation and Magic. She says, "I do video game creation. It is amazing! I use this computer app called game creation. One of my favorite games is Teddy Deadly Maze, where there is a maze that you have to get through. There are also obstacles to make you lose all 3 of your lives. It is really fun! In the afternoon I do magic with Bill W." (cont. below).

(Siya cont.) "In Magic class, he does a lot of tricks with coins, rubber bands, and more. I've learnt so many tricks already! But I am so sad that it is the last week here! I hope you sign up for next summer."

Week 6 at Short Hills!!

It may be week 6, but camp isn't over yet!! Campers continue to have fun and work hard in their classes!