Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Starting the Summer off in Summit

Our campers are really enjoying their first week of camp at Summit, especially our 3D Printing class. We're very impressed by the creative things they have printed so far!

Creativity at Best

Chatham Week 2: Comic Creation

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the newest batch of super heroes bursting out of Comic Creation. What's the newest and coolest class? Definitely this one according to our campers. They have been working hard with their teacher Jeff developing different comics. Here is what some of the campers said about the class so far.

     Camper A: "What I think is cool about this class is that you can do whatever you want with the

     Camper R: "I like the variety of things you can do with your comic and Jeff."

     Camper D: "Hot dog man and lazy bacon! Jeff is cool!"

     Camper M: "The class is good because the program is easy to use!"

     Camper M2: "My comic is about my movie!"

     Camper J: "This class is really swag because the website is really cool. Also, Jeff is pretty cool
                         too. The only thing this joint needs is a jacuzzi. BTW Jeff's comic is funny.Also,the                       people in the class are nice."

Surgeons in Short Hills!

This week in Short Hills, the Anatomy and Surgical Techniques class has been very busy! The campers dissected sheep's brains on Tuesday, and they cannot WAIT to dissect frogs on Friday.

Robotics in Livingston!

Check out our Robotics students building their robots, and using technology to make them come to life!