Thursday, August 15, 2013

Short Hills Week 7: Student Poems

"Shiny silver in a lake
She's gonna wail when she's awake
I really like what she's wearing
but I don't think she's really caring."

"Camp is awesome
We're blooming blossoms
Class is cool
I don't miss school
This is really fun
cuz' I get to play and run."

"This class is fun,
I don't like rum
This class is awesome,
I like opossums
This class is cool,
I have a pool
This class is great,
I ate a plate."

Short Hills Week 7- Student Blogs

"I am having a great time at International Ivy. During the first section, I take creative writing. It has been a great experience. I never had this much fun writing. And I also have a lot of fun when I'm on break and lunchtime. At the end of the day I get to do Minecraft, it's so much fun. When it's time to leave, I can't wait for tomorrow." -J.B.

"I love the classes and the activities. The staff are really nice! Mrs. Lily is so funny and nice! I can't wait to come back next year." -A.X.

"I love this class! I am in the creative writing class and the teacher is fun and funny! She is also very nice. I can't wait to come back next year." -K.X.

"I did video creation level 1. I really like this camp because I love video games and making the video games. I've made clown game and a dragon one. On Thursday and Friday we get to make our own video games!" -C.B.

"International Ivy is a fantastic camp. At International Ivy, the teachers are great. They teach you a lot about the specific topics you learn in class. I take Animation and Minecraft. In Animation Class, Mr.K teaches us how to make movies while adding sound effects to them. We use Movie Maker to make these movies. He also showed us other stop motion examples to help us learn more about movie making. In the Afternoon in Minecraft, our teacher helps us learn how to gather different materials and build different things. On Day 1, we build bridges, on Day 2, we built a store. On Day 3, we built the Empire State Building. During the Break Time at International Ivy you get to eat your snack and play games; soccer, kickball, and other team building games. You also have a choice to stay inside and play with the Wii. At lunch you can bring your own lunch or order good food from the camp. The teachers and counselors at International Ivy are also very kind and funny. All in all, I'd give International Ivy a five star rating." -J.C.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photoshop Class

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program used by professional artists, graphic designers, and photographers. 

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Day 1:   The Basics:  Collages and Imaginary Animals.

Day 2:  Text Tool:  Logo Design and Video Game Cover Design

 Day 3:  Brush Tool: Pixel Art

Day 4:  Layer Properties and Settings:  Vampires!

 Day 5: Advanced Techniques:  Space Scenes

Friday, August 9, 2013

"What I Liked About Video Game Creation" and end of week 6 photos

What I liked about camp was that I got me meet a new friend who was the only other kid in my class. I liked having the same great teacher that I had when I was in Video Game Creation 1. I liked Racecar Video Game Creation even more than regular Video Game Creation because I made a way better game. - J. B.

Break Time Games

3D Art

Short Hills Week 6 Paper Blogs

Hello I'm in Scratch. We do a lot of programming. Today we are making Mario. Yesterday we did an animation. It was really fun. -N.J.

I really like the Minecraft class because we got to build the Empire State Building and go in mazes! I really like how we can fly and build anything. -C.G.r

What I like about International Ivy Short Hills Campus are the classes, Minecraft and Future Engineers and Inventors Workshop. My favorite class was Future Engineers and Inventors Workshop because I enjoy building things. -R.Z.

My favorite class overall would be Robotics Lego NXT. We are making robots controlled by remotes. We can program the robots to go through an obstacle course too! I am also taking Future Engineers and Inventors Workshop class where we made a bouncy ball using crystal and water combined. -S.H.

I started making a cardboard video game set yesterday and at the end of the class, we made things like ball and slim. I really enjoy Future Engineers and Inventors Workshop because its a fun class. -K.X.

I really enjoyed Minecraft at International Ivy because everyone works together to build one thing at a time on the Minecraft EDU. Our teacher has special abilities where he can freeze our characters in the game if we are too loud or if we do something wrong or misbehave. Overall, my class is really, really fun ! -R.Z.

I really liked Acting for TV and Film because we got to make a commercial. We also got to do a skit from a movie. We memorized our lines and even got a chance to act it out. Later, we filmed it and then our teacher made it into a cd and we brought it home with us! -C.G.

In my writing class, we are making clay creations about what we wrote. Next step is animating it on Monkey Jam which is going to be very cool. I am also taking Brain Training where we learned all of the presidents using pictures to help us remember. -G.M.

I just made a super fast stop motion photography video. I am in Creative Writing. It is fun. We draw, write skits and make videos. We also made 3D characters out of clay. -M.G.

I enjoyed Future Engineers and Inventors Workshop because it made me brainstorm my ideas. I chose the best idea and worked on it for the rest of the week and built   a robot that I named RBM - robot-butler-masseuse.This class was very fun! It really made me use my brain!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Short Hills Week 6

The scavenger hunt begins! 

Campers gathered in the amphitheater.

It's wacky hat day!

Counselors are in on the fun.

A few of the wackiest!

Poetry and Short Story Caldwell Week 6 Student Blogs

I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and individualized feedback from Ms. Tonya. I learned important things about writing and am glad I signed up to take this class.- Anonymous
Poetry and short-story writing is a very fun class. We've done group stories adding one sentence per person, listened to music and wrote what it makes us feel, and examined other writer's work. I'll be very sad when this class ends. - J.S.

Poetry and short story writing is the best class ever and my favorite class of the week. My favorite thing to do is free write. The teacher of this class is very nice. Her name is Mrs. Tonya. If I were to give this class a rate I would give it a 10. (10 is the highest) some classes get 2's or 5's. - Anonymous 
I love poetry and short story writing! We get to create our own story and have copyright. I really like how Tonya brought in pieces of writing to let us read everyday. We even listened to music and wrote poems. We get 10 minutes of free write everyday. - A.X.

I feel like this class has taught me more of how t o write poems and stories that are short. This class is very awesome, and Tonya is very awesome too. - anonymous

Chatham - Week 6 Classes

3D Art

Cool duck tape pens