Thursday, August 15, 2013

Short Hills Week 7- Student Blogs

"I am having a great time at International Ivy. During the first section, I take creative writing. It has been a great experience. I never had this much fun writing. And I also have a lot of fun when I'm on break and lunchtime. At the end of the day I get to do Minecraft, it's so much fun. When it's time to leave, I can't wait for tomorrow." -J.B.

"I love the classes and the activities. The staff are really nice! Mrs. Lily is so funny and nice! I can't wait to come back next year." -A.X.

"I love this class! I am in the creative writing class and the teacher is fun and funny! She is also very nice. I can't wait to come back next year." -K.X.

"I did video creation level 1. I really like this camp because I love video games and making the video games. I've made clown game and a dragon one. On Thursday and Friday we get to make our own video games!" -C.B.

"International Ivy is a fantastic camp. At International Ivy, the teachers are great. They teach you a lot about the specific topics you learn in class. I take Animation and Minecraft. In Animation Class, Mr.K teaches us how to make movies while adding sound effects to them. We use Movie Maker to make these movies. He also showed us other stop motion examples to help us learn more about movie making. In the Afternoon in Minecraft, our teacher helps us learn how to gather different materials and build different things. On Day 1, we build bridges, on Day 2, we built a store. On Day 3, we built the Empire State Building. During the Break Time at International Ivy you get to eat your snack and play games; soccer, kickball, and other team building games. You also have a choice to stay inside and play with the Wii. At lunch you can bring your own lunch or order good food from the camp. The teachers and counselors at International Ivy are also very kind and funny. All in all, I'd give International Ivy a five star rating." -J.C.

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