Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So many classes, so little time for break?? - Caldwell Week 3

This week at Caldwell, we have two classes in the the morning which are, Robotics Animals, and Graphic Design. We also have four classes in the afternoon which are, Investment Literacy, Robotics Vehicles, Web Design, and Java Programming
Honestly, our week three campers are the most engaged and determined campers I've seen in a while. 
They are not afraid to ask questions when confused. 
In other words, classes are going very well!
Take a look:

Classes are going so well that they don't want to take a break... but when we get them outside for break time, this happens...

Interested in more photos from Caldwell? Check out the link to our Week 3 Flickr: 

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Scotch Plains Week 3!!

Campers are starting off by expressing their creativity through making (and of course eating) their own rice krispy treats in the Engineering of Ice Cream Class!

Students in Scratch are also enjoying themselves by making their own platform game!

Campers in Anatomy and Surgical Techniques are having so much fun- they are losing their minds!!  But don't worry, they can replace them with dissected sheep brains. 

Minecraft is back again this week, but this time campers are getting creative!!  They all worked together to replicate the Empire State Building! 

Short Hills Soccer!

Playing our favorite game at Short Hills, soccer! Counselor v.s. kids is always a great game!

Lincroft Week 3

Here at Lincroft we have some exciting classes this week. In the morning we have Robotics Level 1: Vehicles where we are making and racing different types of vehicles. Today we even attempted at building a maze for the robot to travel! Everyone is working together to come up with a plan to make the robot travel correctly.  In Website Design, our resident teacher Ryan is here and helping the campers create websites based on cooking, video games, and baseball. They loved learning about the coding on day 1. In the afternoon, Ryan is doing Minecraft Math and we also have Brain Training.

Check out the Flickr and You Tube for videos and pictures!