Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Short Hills' Wet Day!

Campers had so much fun at wet day today! The counselors got soaked! 

Tales from Edison - Week 5

Take a look at one of the blogs from a student taking Shark Tank, Jr.
"This week I did Shark Tank, Jr. I was really surprised on how detailed the course is. Not only that, but we have an amazing teacher. I am really excited when I actually perform or present my product to the "Sharks." This class was both interesting and fun." 
"Shark Tank, Jr. is awesome!!! We come up with a product, prototype, and so on. Tomorrow, we are going to present our products to the sharks - a.k.a. parents and counselors. Soon our the ads we are making will be on your TV. I hope I can come to International Ivy Summer Program next summer."

Below is a video of a student showing off the robot he created in Lego NXT Robotics.

Week 5 So Far at Chatham!

This week is off to a great start at Chatham! We have a bunch of exciting classes from film production to writing and even photography. Also we have some of our favorite regular classes like youngster, robotics, minecraft, mobile app game design, and video game creation. 

Here is a look at some of the work from the watercolor painting class:

Also this week we are ecstatic to have the Cutie Cooks class! So far they have cooked up some s'mores, salsa, garlic knots, pasta, and strawberry shortcake. Below are some pictures of what these master chefs were cooking up today as well as them wearing their chef hats!

Check out our flickr page for more photos!