Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Counselor Post #9

The past two days at International Ivy, the students have really been getting into the swing of things.  The films are coming along great - one group even finished filming today!  We had some great relay races during break, and the kids are starting to make friends.  We have welcomed our new international students - a set of twins from China - and it is fun to see the children all interacting with each other.  I love seeing such a diverse group of learners and so many cultures mixing together into one group. 

Tomorrow we are filming another video, and Thursday our final group is going to shoot their movie.  Our brain trainers are working hard again this week.  At the end of last week, our students received the results from their IQ test.  Some of them had learning skills of students 5-8 years older than them! This is a great way to keep from getting bored during the summer. 

Tomorrow is Halloween!  Please stay posted for pictures of our Halloween costumes! 

Today in movie making we rehearsed our parts in our film.  It was sort of tiring.  At snack we had sack races.  They were fun.  We also had a race where we put a ball in between two people's hips.  That was fun.  Today was fun.


Movie Making

Today we practiced our lines for the movie.  It's very tiring.  But it is super fun!  At snack we did sack races.  I had fun!


Learning Film Terminology

Practicing our lines

Counselor Post #8

Today, during break, we had an exciting competition.  Campers were divided into three teams and they competed in sack races.  After they got good at that, they even tried it backwards!  My favorite part was seeing the campers cheer on their teammates! 


Counselor Post #7

This week in race car video game design the campers are very excited to begin creating their track.  They have each chosen different unique details so that no games are the same.  They are very focused and working hard!  At the end of the week they will be able to take a CD home that has their game as well as their classmates' games on it.  This will allow them to play an of these finished games outside of class.

This week in hocus pocus magic, the campers are transforming into magicians!  On Monday they learned a few great tricks and had time to practice with their classmates!  They were able to take the supplies home in order to show their family and friends what they have learned!  They are also looking forward to a class Magic show on Friday that we hope the parents will come watch!  Until then, they will continue to learn new magic tricks and master the ones they have learned.  

Hocus Pocus Magic

Practicing and Performing Tricks

Race Car Video Game Design

In movie-making, my group is making a video about a kid who goes missing.  Four girls then go to find her.  they find her and ask her why she hid.  She just wanted some attention!  Everybody was ignoring her!  It teaches you never to bully.


Writing Class Poem

Here is a poem from our writing class.  The assignment was to use slang terms from the English language to write a poem.  

I am Fresh

Sup yo, I got swag
I am so fresh, you got nothing on me
I ain't gonna hurt you, so don't back up, sheesh.

Hola, I got a cool name.
Don't look at me like that, I'm not lame. 
Ayo das  one for calling me out
I didn't steal that food so don't shout.

Now that you know that I got swag
No need to sulk, don't be a drag.
Adios, I need to go, 
This is so fresh, nice seeing you bro.

Here is another entry from the same author.

The broski drew a knife and gripped the blade as if to throw it.
"You ain't gonna get me with that," Death said triumphantly.
"Ayo, shuddup," the broski replied, and threw it.
It flew right between death's legs.
"Ayo das one for trying to kill me," Death shouted.  He punched the broski in the forehead and stomach.
As the man crum[pled to the ground, he whispered,
"Adios, bro," and walked away.  The next thing he knew, he had woke up in his cardboard box.  It had all been a dream.
"Well, at least I am fresh and still got my swag," he concluded.

The End


Magic Class

In magic class we did two magic tricks.  One we made something disappear and second we made rainbow dice appear.  

Robotics Post From 7/19

This class is awesome!! :)  We did soooo muccchhh stuffff! Like designing a plow and learning the ultrasonic sensor. This class is the best.  


It is very fun in lego robotics.  I'm having fun programming and building my robot.   I worked on the ultrasonic sensor.  It is a sensor that makes sure the robot doesn't fall.  


Today was wet day.  In Morning Break, we went outside and had snack. Then we chose to fill up our guns and shoot each other.  People made teams and fought each other.  I liked it a lot!  We got really wet. 


 Today in Robotics, we learned how to use the ultrasonic sensor to detect distance.  We put our robots on a table and they were supposed to stay on.  I made mine stay on using the programming system.  This is awesome!