Friday, July 28, 2017

All Heart Here in Chatham

Chatham Week 4

  If you ask any Chatham camper what they like most about Ivy, it's not always the learning or the prizes, it's the relationships built at camp. Half way through and we have found some great friends that we never had before. Between the Leadership class working with Youngsters last week and the Video Game classes working together our family has grown by 64 this week. Today, we say goodbye to a bunch of our new friends with the hopes we will see them next summer! Here's to a great rest of the camp season. The new kids next week have no idea what's coming!

Oakland's Week 4 Comes to a Close!

Oh boy, what a week Oakland!
This week, among other things, has been full of Salami Sandwichs, Minecrafters, and some amazing 3D Prints - topped with some Ice Cream Engineering and a few Pythons (level 1 of-course)!

Definitely an amazing week~!

 Here we have a vicious Python in her natural coding habitat!

Our own team of Ice Cream Engineers are hard at work!