Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week One at Chatham

Greetings from Chatham!

This week has flown by!  It has been great to see both returning and brand new campers have such an amazing week.  

Today we had some exciting break times.  This morning we played a kickball tournament for ivy points and to continue working on team building skills.  

During the afternoon break time we were able to enjoy the gorgeous weather to buy lemonade from out Lemonade Stand class.  All of the students were able to discuss the future businesses that they want to start and how this class has helped them.  

In order to see some more pictures of all the great things our campers have done this week, please visit our flickr account here.  Happy camping!

Livingston's Having a Blast - Week 1

In addition to the fun classes at Livingston this week, we also have a blast at break time. 
From Wet Day games like Water Balloon Toss and the Water Shooters, to inside games like Pictionary and Hangman, there is always something fun going on!
Take a look:

Wet Day!

Tie-Dye and Sun Glasses Day!

Interested in more photos from camp? Check out the link to the camp-wide Flickr: 

Check out more videos on the camp-wide Youtube

A Great First Week in Paramus!

Check out our cool WeDo Robotics creations!

We got just a little wet on Wet Day!

These campers worked hard programming their NXT Animal robots.

Super-cool, tie-dyed and sunglassed campers & staff!

Campers love camp!

Some of our favorite quotes from campers today:

"I really like using creativity to make robots do different things!"-Jayden

"Wet day is awesome!"-Krisha

"I love building robots and racing them. We have also had our bots fight. It was so cool."-Arjun

"We are having so much fun!"-Chandler