Thursday, July 30, 2015

Far Hills 2015 Week 5: Our Two Construction Classes!

This is International Ivy's first summer offering construction classes where students can learn how to use an array of tools and build everything from benches to model cars! Far Hills had the pleasure to have TWO of these classes this week. To showcase just how cool it is to make something with a hammer and nails, we made a little video. Take a look!

From Our Campers
Somerset Week 5

This week at Somerset we asked our campers to write a little about our classes.

Robotics: Vehicles

"We are making vehicles in robotics this week. We are making a Bluetooth remote control car. The programming is really long but I'm learning a lot. Robotics is really fun. We have a good teacher!"

Video Game Creation 3D Design

"We are making obstacle courses with many different things to make the course more challenging. Andrew is a great teacher and he is always helping us."
Fashion and Machine Sewing: It's a Hoot!