Monday, August 5, 2013

Chatham Campers and Counselors - Week 5

Chatham Week 5 - Video Game Creation

"What I liked about camp was that it was really fun, even when we weren't making our own game it was really fun to know how to make these awesome games and to meet all of my new friends. I loved that my sister was a counselor at Chatham Day School." - J.B.

"What I like about camp is Video Game Creation. I think that fame maker is really fun and I will probably download is at home. I am coming back next week and I have Shark Tank Jr. I am having a great summer." -A.H.

"In Video Game Creation you use a program called gamemaker. It helps you create games easier. It is also very efficient and easy. You can download pics from the internet also. This is a very cool camp." -R.S.