Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Far Hills Week 6: We Made a Commercial!

To get folks excited about International Ivy and everything we have to offer, the staff at Far Hills put together a little video sharing a little bit about what it is we do. Featured in the video are our Youngster WeDo Robotics class and Mobile App Design. Take a look:

From Fencing to Minecraft @ Caldwell Week 6

Caldwell has had a very exciting week with Fencing, Robotics, 
Minecraft, Engineering on Ice Cream and Graphic Design! 
Here are some highlights from a few of our classes:

Minecraft - The Engineer in You!
A student shows us the town he and his classmates made.

Two students show us their fencing techniques and important
fencing etiquette.

Robotic - Level 1 Vehicles
A student shows us her new robot and describes her 
building experience.

 This is the link to Caldwell's Week 6 Flickr album for more pictures: 

This is the link to Caldwell's Youtube Playlist for more videos:

There's Something for Everyone! Edison Week 6

This week is extremely busy at Edison! Not only is it our last week of half-days, we are running four amazing classes! Students this week are taking Animation Movie Making, Debate, Robotics Vehicles, or Competition Training for the Math Athlete. So, there is something for everyone! Kenny, the Site Director, is teaching Robotics Vehicles, so the students are happy about that! Check out some of the highlights from Week 6 so far. Remember, next week, week 7, we will be expanding to full-days, so we will have twice the fun!

"Setting" Us Up For Success

Somerset Week 6

Language Arts Boot Camp is well on it's way in Somerset. The students are practicing correct grammar and reading, Charlotte's Web.  Yesterday they took time to discuss the importance of setting in literature. Can you imagine Charlotte's Web  in New York City? It just wouldn't make sense! The students drew maps of the farm where the story takes place. They were full of detail and the discussion was one of the best.

Here the maps: