Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Short Hills Week 3 - Robotics

Our campers plan, program, build and then test their cars on the track. 

Brace Yourself for Biomedical Engineering - Somerset Week 3

It's only day 2 and Biomedical Engineering is off to a great start! The students are learning about foot analysis by outlining their own foot with a marker. The students utilize the Engineering Design Process to help them create sturdy and supportive knee braces. Check out all the fun the students are having below.

Short Hills Week 3 - Cooking

Our campers have been cooking up a storm. CC said, "I like trying the delicious food and feeling good about eating something that I made all by myself".

Short Hill Week 3 - Construction

Not only do we have construction workers renovating our facility but some of our campers are construction workers too.  Camper JD said "I am really excited to be here every day and I am looking forward to making the go-carts in my class on Friday".

Yum, yum! Engineering of Ice Cream at Scotch Plains

Who knew learning could be yummy?  Last week, campers at Scotch Plains saw that learning could be fun by developing their own websites and video games.  This week, in Engineering of Ice Cream, campers are learning about the design process and eating their creations too!  

Today, campers were given the task of engineering their own Rice Krispies treats.  Working in pairs, campers devised a process for creating their yummy snacks.  They put their plans into action and tested whether their agreed upon methods and measurements produced a tasty snack.  They even tried each others out and decided which pair made the best Rice Krispies treat!  It was a sticky morning! Our campers had a ton of fun making their desserts and then reflected on the process after.   

Mixing up their concoctions!

Ooey and gooey!

Making Rice Krispies treats using marshmallows, butter, and most importantly, Rice Krispies!

Yesterday, campers were challenged with the task of engineering a marshmallow tower. The class was split up into two teams that each tried to design the tallest tower. Campers could use popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and tape for their creations.  There was some friendly competition as both teams worked on their designs.  Check out both towers below!

Working hard on their designs!

The final products!

Stay tuned as our campers make ice cream later on in the week!  It's a tasty one here at Scotch Plains!