Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Building Creativity in Paramus

It's another exciting week at Paramus International Ivy! Our campers this week are busy building! Whether in the virtual or physical world, campers are creating new structures, friends, and memories.

In Civil Engineering, our campers are learning the physics of tower and bridge-building. Each day, Kristen assigns them tasks that challenge them like professional bridge-builders. They create structures out of everyday materials, and test their structures!

Everyone works together to create bridges in Civil Engineering!

In Minecraft: Advanced, campers test their carefully honed Minecraft skills. Deven gives them challenges, including making their own game-within-a-game. In Minecraft Creative: The Engineer in You, campers use the Minecraft environment to build replicas of famous structures. In Python Programming, campers learn the advanced art of building code in the popular Python language.

In Pre-Architecture, budding designers explore trends in architecture in our world's cities. They also determine their own preferences in home design they see in their daily lives. Our Youngster-Right Brain campers also explore our world. They study foreign countries, and photograph their surroundings to create digital art.

Fun with collages in Pre-Architecture

Silly Tuesday in Chatham

Chatham Week 4

    Today was a fun day here at camp. We have some silly campers with us this week. Between "Dan" chants in Minecraft and karaoke session in Investment Literacy it has been a memorable one. For break time we made our campers into trees for relay races and sang happy birthday to a special little boy! Everyone is enjoying our silly sessions of break from all their hard work. Sometimes, you just need to have a little fun and laughter. 

Dancing while investing

                                  Brendan demonstrating the relay                  A camper being dressed as a tree.

Somerset: Crafting Creative Writers

Somerset is excited to have Michelle teaching Creative Writing Workshop this week! The writers in this class spend time working hard on different creative writing pieces. They have learned about sonnets, odes, poems, and much more. Not only are the students practicing their writing skills, they are also having a lot of fun!

Spotlight on Math Competition Training!!

At Short Hills, we offer many interesting classes including Math Competition Training. The campers who choose to take this class learn useful techniques and play plenty of games! Here is a video of our teacher explaining what the future mathematicians do in class.

Video Game Creation at Oakland!

In Oakland this week, some of our campers are taking our Video Game Creation-Advanced course! In this class, our campers are using coding software to write their own code, and using that code to create their own games. They are having so much fun, while learning in the process!

Ice Breakers at Short Hills!

On the first day of week 4 of Short Hills, the campers played some great games during break. They got to choose between silent interviews, Have you ever...?, and Heads Up!. All of these games gave the campers a great way to get to know each other and become fast friends!