Friday, June 27, 2014

The results of Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurs

Not only did the students develop their own websites, but they also created advertising and even animated commercials (check them out by clicking here).  Here are some examples of their advertising.

Students Spill the Juicy Details

Below are actual blogs from students in the Week 0 Minecraft Math class at Edison.

"I took Minecraft Math at International Ivy and it was so much fun!!! I learned so much from this class!! I learned Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Orders of operations and word problems. The best part was solving a challenging problem and fighting mobs! I heartly recommend you go to Minecraft Math at International Ivy!!!!"

"I took the class of Minecraft Math. Minecraft, being my favorite game, made this class appealing. Our teacher, Daniel, was very negotiable and encouraging. He setup a server that had different types of math that would reward you with resources. He created games that would improve our math skills by playing minecraft and having fun."

"I love this class because we didn't do problems the whole entire time. I also enjoy this class because we get to explore while doing math problems. My favorite part is that we do something different every day like mazes and fighting mobs."

"The best thing I did in Minecraft was fighting mobs."

We hope this may encourage you to learn more about Minecraft Math!