Friday, August 10, 2012

Yesterday, we had a water day. We did two contests, one where you squirt water into a cup. The other one you keep a ball as people squirt you. All of them ended up in a water war.

In inventor's workshop and we used simple machines to get Mark (the stuffed animal llama) across the room. Me, Alison and Sammy made a rubber band zipline which made Mark "fly" with force and tension. The second experiment we used the bucket which used pulleys. The last one is a rubber band car which used rubber bands. 

I did an awesome experiment with a medal electric conductor. I zapped my hand and lightning came out of my hair! It worked by the electricity going through my hair! Then it went through my body and lightning came through my hand. I looked like the emperor from Star Wars. I could actually see it.

I am in Inventor's Workshop. Yesterday, we studied electricity. Van de Graff is a machine that's electrical. My hair was floating and sticking onto the machine. I also got zapped! It was fun.

We used simple machines to make a toy move from one place to another.

My favorite part about Ivy is that I learned all of the presidents in under 17 seconds. I also liked learning about static electricity. I had a great week at Ivy!

This week in Inventor Science we invented stuff. My favorite invention was when I made Mark the llama travel to work on the other side of the hallway.