Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Edison - Week 5: FUN, FUN, FUN!

      Believe it or not, we are in Week 5 of International Ivy! As usual, Edison is off to an exciting start this week. This week, we have ALL NEW classes: Chyten's Shark Tank, Jr., Magic with Mr. Bill, and LEGO NXT Robotics Level 1. In each class, students are having the best time ever, even though it is only day 2! 
     Every Tuesday, kids at Edison LOVE to play gaga during break. Check out some of the intense moments of the game below. Remember, this Thursday is Crazy Hair Day! Come up with the craziest hair styles in order to get your Ivy cards. 
     As the week goes on, we are sure the students will continue to have fun! Heads up: this is our LAST half day session week. For weeks 6 and 7 Edison will have FULL day classes (9:00-12:30 or 1:30-5:00). Check out iisummer.com to see which classes are being offered. Do not delay, register today.

Check out websites made by our very own International Ivy students from week 3. Below are the links to their websites, enjoy! 

 Mr. Bill showing card tricks to the students. 
 Gaga gets intense at International Ivy.
 A student's creation in Robotics. 
Students coming up with their own inventions in Shark Tank. 

Far Hills Shows Us How to Capture the Flag

Rohan is absolutely blissful as he runs back to his side of the field.

Riaan is making a dash for the flag while his brother, Ishaan, runs in to tag him.

Ethan misses Varun by inches as Varun tumbles back into his side of the field.

Varun makes the best of being sent to jail.

Ishaan and Varun chill out after an intense game of Capture the Flag.

A Gift From the Cake Design Class!

Last week at Short Hills, the cake design class baked the staff a beautiful cake!