Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Short Hills Week 6

The scavenger hunt begins! 

Campers gathered in the amphitheater.

It's wacky hat day!

Counselors are in on the fun.

A few of the wackiest!

Poetry and Short Story Caldwell Week 6 Student Blogs

I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and individualized feedback from Ms. Tonya. I learned important things about writing and am glad I signed up to take this class.- Anonymous
Poetry and short-story writing is a very fun class. We've done group stories adding one sentence per person, listened to music and wrote what it makes us feel, and examined other writer's work. I'll be very sad when this class ends. - J.S.

Poetry and short story writing is the best class ever and my favorite class of the week. My favorite thing to do is free write. The teacher of this class is very nice. Her name is Mrs. Tonya. If I were to give this class a rate I would give it a 10. (10 is the highest) some classes get 2's or 5's. - Anonymous 
I love poetry and short story writing! We get to create our own story and have copyright. I really like how Tonya brought in pieces of writing to let us read everyday. We even listened to music and wrote poems. We get 10 minutes of free write everyday. - A.X.

I feel like this class has taught me more of how t o write poems and stories that are short. This class is very awesome, and Tonya is very awesome too. - anonymous

Chatham - Week 6 Classes

3D Art

Cool duck tape pens

Caldwell Week 6 Tie Dye Day!