Friday, July 24, 2015

Paramus Week 4

Paramus Week 4

N said Robotics is so much fun.

                                          The children loved sharing their stories.

                                           The children said that wet day is so much fun!!

"It's Not Easy Being Green"
Somerset Week 4

Here at Somerset we wore our green shirts in honor of our big frog dissection. The campers were so excited and Site Director Nicole braved the room to take some great video. It was super cool to see the inside of the frog close up and the kids really learned a lot. Thanks Tyler for teaching us all about Anatomy!

Oakland Week 4

Hello, and welcome back to International Ivy Oakland.  This week we had many new campers, enjoying classes in Minecraft, both 2D and 3D video game creation, and Engineering.  Below are little summaries of what has been going on by class, and during our break times.  Click on this link to see all our pictures.  Check this link to see a video montage of our break activities.  Enjoy!

Minecraft Creative:

This week the campers jumped on our servers and explored the realm of Minecraft like never before.  All 6 students were placed in a common area and were allowed to let their imaginations run wild.  As the week went on, students bonded while constructing new buildings.  Even after the great flood on Monday, kids were laughing and having fun while learning new dynamics of the game.  

2D and 3D Video Game Creation:

In the morning our instructor Josh showed kids how to create some very impressive 3D map mazes.  In the afternoon, he showed kids how to use our 2D game creator.  On Monday children learned how to defeat some evil clowns, and Tuesday they made a dragon spitting fire.  Over the course of the week, all the children learned there programs in more and more detail, and hope to take this skill and turn it into a job one day.  See a video montage here.

Biomedical and Civil Engineering:

This week we also had two fantastic engineering classes; in the morning Civil Engineering, and later in the day Biomedical Engineering.  In the morning, students were shown a plethora of structural designs to examine.  The instructor allowed students to test these designs on their own in a series of experiments over the course of the week.  Bio-medical Engineering used a similar formula.  Earlier in the week students examined more of the anatomy, common leg injuries, and how the leg works in greater detail.  As the week went on, they started designing their very own knee brace.   See some videos here.  Sierra's Bad Day and here.  

Week 4 At Chatham

We've made it halfway through the summer program this week!   We are so grateful for each family that walks into our program and we are looking forward to the next three weeks that are ahead of us.

All week long our great teachers have taught a variety of things in both new and old classes.  Our Cutie Cooks class has made everything from cake pops to pesto, while our Engineering of Ice Cream class learned how to make and market a product all while learning the chemistry of making it. Chyten did a great job of broadening the minds of our students in our Shark Tank Jr.  and Reading and Study Skills classes.  Our parents were so proud of their inventors during the presentation!

Our Youngster Program teacher Christina is a weekly favorite teacher from all of our Left Brain and Right Brain mix.  They complete beautiful art projects and are pros at using their computers.  The WeDo robotics youngsters have raced ahead with their projects and have completed almost every animal that they could create.

In Animation and Film Making, the two classes learned to work in teams to develop a plot and the arts of filming and acting. The Anatomy and Surgical Techniques teacher came in with enthusiasm and passion, making the students realize that the medical field and anatomical interests can be found in all parts of daily life.

The Java and Scratch classes challenged themselves and each other through learning the language of the programs and creating games that the rest of the class could play.  Our Minecraft classes learned the art of engineering and working as teams to complete challenges and make their towns successful.  Finally, the Robotics - Vehicles  and Robotics - Animals classes learned the NXT program and learned the different sensors they would need to win their challenges.

Please go to our International Ivy Flickr to see all of the beautiful pictures from this week.

Sparta Week 4!

June has 30 days. One year, June had exactly 4 Sundays. On which two days of the week could June 30 not have occurred that year?

Hard at work on the daily Math Olympiad problems
This week, campers here in Sparta learned 10 different strategies to help solve math problems, such as the one above. Math may not sound like a fun course to take, but this course showed why it was. Playing quick math games using "Eggspert", campers loved using the different strategies to come out victorious. When break came around, we enjoyed playing all sorts of different games and below is a picture from our cool activity: "Tye Dye Party"! We are sad to see another week go but are excited for next week!

Counselor Allison TRIED to get a nice picture!!

End of Week 4 at Scotch Plains

We may only be halfway through the day, but week 4 is already going out with a bang here at Scotch Plains.  What an awesome morning it's been so far!

At break, campers tie dyed their International Ivy tee shirts and chose items from the prize box for earning Ivy points.  We can't wait to see how awesome the shirts look when they dry!

Then, campers exchanged classrooms to see what their friends had been working on during the week.  In Mobile App Design, campers played each others games.  They were unbeatable!  No wonder one camper called his game the Maze of Doom.  Another got creative. He added his favorite song, Shake It Off, to the background of his game! Watch the video below and listen up for some Taylor Swift.

In Robotics, campers had battle rounds with their robots.  They dueled in multiple tournaments and tested out their original designs.  It was a close match!  Check out the video below to see a battle round in action.

Thanks for a great week, campers!  We are looking forward to more learning and fun in the weeks to come.

Short Hills Week 4 - Color Wars Final

The last day of our three day event. The AM yellow team may have won and
each team member earned an Ivy Point but all campers had a blast.

Below is a photo of our "Capture the Chicken" pre-game and a pic of some of the action.