Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Day at Ringwood

Is it just us or did this week fly by?! At least we had a lot of fun packed into these short five days. Robotics proved once again to be incredibly fun.

Our Robotics Crew!
A Look Into Our Week:
Monday: we made a basic robot which we programmed to move around a box and out the door.
Tuesday: we made a robot that followed a line using a light sensor.
Wednesday and Thursday: we worked in teams to make a racecar that we raced on Thursday!
Friday: we made a SumoBot and battled to see whose SumoBot could kick everyone out of the arena.

Let's not forget our break activities! Monday we had fun going on a scavenger hunt around our building and learning things about each other. Tuesday, we all tested our skills playing a Minute to Win It game called "Stack Attack" (it's harder than it looks!!). Wednesday we enjoyed the nice weather and got soaked during Wet Day. Thursday, we had an engineer, detective, gymnast, and hockey player show up to our class! On our last day, we had a blast by ending the week with tie dye!

Turns out on Thursday it was just the students, dressed for Future Me Day!

It's been so much fun here in Ringwood and we're sad to see it end so soon. We'll be back next year which gives us something to look forward too! Check out all our fun on our Flickr and Youtube accounts!

Slowwww Down and Enjoying the Last Day @ Caldwell

Break time has been a blast for all the campers this summer, 
but today was especially full of cool talents, dancing and memories!
So today, we decided to slow down and enjoy the last few moments at International Ivy: Caldwell
Take a look:

Break Dancing 101

We've found ourselves a cheerleader!

Our resident Head Counselor showing us her hand-stand skills!

Throwing it back to the Harlem Shake!

Caldwell's Summer Anthem; The Whip


Jaimee (Site Director) + Lilly (Head Counselor) + Shanyah (Counselor) = 
An Awesome Staff

Another group photo of our awesome campers!

Bye camp!

This is the link to Caldwell's Week 7 Flickr album for more pictures: 

This is the link to Caldwell's Youtube Playlist for more videos:

End of Camp Fun!

It's officially the last day of camp here at Scotch Plains and we are sad that our time here is coming to an end.  This week has been a great end to the summer and we can't wait for more fun next year.  Our campers have learned a great deal in their classes and have made friends and memories along the way.  The first year at Scotch Plains turned out to be a huge success and was definitely a summer to remember.

Wednesday was our final Wet Day of the summer and the water fight was epic.  Check out this picture of our campers and counselor in action!

On Thursday campers participated in Future Me Day.  Many dressed up as their future professions with some funny costumes too.  She's gonna be a rock star!  

Today, campers in Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur are hosting an actual stand at break. They will be selling their lemonade to the rest of the camp who will give feedback on each team's flavor.  Then, campers will discuss which team had the best feedback and profit.  They will be declared the winners!  Here's a poster that campers hung up in our classrooms to advertise their sale today.  Wish them luck!  We can't wait to taste all the yummy flavors.  We've got some future entrepreneurs on our hands!

We can't thank all of our campers and counselors enough for such a great summer.  Until 2016!!