Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Runway Modeling and Fashion Cosmetics - Chatham

I think this class is super fun.  I learned a lot about make up and modeling.  I hope I get to do this class again.   - E. W. 

If you really like designing and modeling this is a really fun class for you!  Not only do we model but in this class we do lots of makeup and designing.  Not only do you do so many activities in this class but you lean a lot along the way.  I recommend this to everyone and I hope to do this again!  - A.C.

Chatham Week 5 Classes!


Counselor W. L. with some campers

Runway Modeling

Short Hills Week 5: Wacky Wednesday! ^.^

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Short Hills Week 5: Minute to Win it!

This week at Short Hills, we're playing Minute to Win it during the breaks. So far it's day two, click the links below to see the games we've been playing.

CLICK HERE for Day 1

CLICK HERE for Day 2

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chatham Week 4 Video

Our Week 4 video from the Chatham campus is officially up and running! The link is below!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chatham Week 4: Wet Day!

Short Hills Week 4: Student Blogs

"Detective Science is very fun. I've learned a lot in this class; how to run tests and what the different chemicals are that we have been using. I am now educated on the Periodic Table of Elements. I definitely want to do this again next year!" -K.D.

"In Detective Spy Lab, we not only learn about how to spy but we also do detective work. We learned a lot of Chemistry as well. It was very fun." -N.J.

"It was fun when we got to test the blood of the library thief. We also got to play 'I-SPY' because we were doing detective/spy work. We got to test out a few different types of spy gear; night goggles and ear bugs. We also got to use walkie talkies, magnifier glass and fake cameras." -M.P.

"I really like this camp because there is a variety of subjects to choose from. In robotics class, we learned about different types of robots and how to program a robot. In Video Game Creation class, we learned how to make our own video games." -N.S.

Caldwell Week 4: Campus Cake Design Pics and Video

It is day four of Cake Design and the cakes are getting quite amazing. Their classroom always smells great and the kids are having a blast (some with all 10 fingers covered in icing). In just a few days, the kids transformed from novices to near professionals. Take a look for yourself.

This is what one of the girls has to say about the class:

Caldwell Campus Week 4: Game Design Level 2

The Game Design class utilizes the Game Maker program to help teach kids how to create awesome games and even the basics of programming. In level 2, the students start from scratch and design even more complicated games than before. Many of the students are concentrating on creating a pseudo-3D gaming experience. So far, the games look amazing and I can't wait to play them!

Here are what some of the kids in the class think:

In this class we learn how to make video games. My teacher is named Alex. We also make are own games. My game is a 1st person baseball game.
               -B. R.

This is an amazing class. You can continuously learn lots of things on programming games. I never knew learning could be so much fun! In all, I would go to this class every time I come each year.
               -K. T.

Caldwell Campus Week 4: Web Design

Creating a website from scratch can be a frightening task but the great teacher and environment makes all the students engaged and excited. They are not only learning about website structure and designing their own site, but the kids are also gaining the skillset to go home and do it on their own!

These are some things the kids had to say about the class:

Web design is very interesting. It has inspired me to make websites at home. It is very fun. It takes a lot of hard work but it comes out awesome. I will probably do it again next year. I suggest it for other people.
               -E. S.
The teacher is very nice. We have very good computers. The program used to design is good. The breaks are fun too.
               -J. J.

I would rate my class 4 1/8 stars. The teacher is very informative. The website maker site is also very easy to use. It's fun to create your own site.
               -N. R.
This class was an amazing experience for me. I always kept on wondering what type of programming is used for websites and how difficult it was to do this programming. Everything went well in this class and the teacher was very nice to me. I hope I can take this class again in the later years.
               -K. E.
I like this class very much. It is very fun. I got to learn new things. And the best is that now I get my own website.
               -A. V.

Chatham Week 4 - Robotics Challenge Level 2

"I am in the NXT Robotics Challenge class. I learn lots of new things about robots and it's very fun. My favorite robot was the line follower, it could stay and turn on a black line without falling off. I think it's cool how we get to build and program robots by yourself. On Friday we get to create our own robots and battle them. I'm looking forward to it."
- A.S.