Thursday, July 25, 2013

Caldwell Campus Week 4: Web Design

Creating a website from scratch can be a frightening task but the great teacher and environment makes all the students engaged and excited. They are not only learning about website structure and designing their own site, but the kids are also gaining the skillset to go home and do it on their own!

These are some things the kids had to say about the class:

Web design is very interesting. It has inspired me to make websites at home. It is very fun. It takes a lot of hard work but it comes out awesome. I will probably do it again next year. I suggest it for other people.
               -E. S.
The teacher is very nice. We have very good computers. The program used to design is good. The breaks are fun too.
               -J. J.

I would rate my class 4 1/8 stars. The teacher is very informative. The website maker site is also very easy to use. It's fun to create your own site.
               -N. R.
This class was an amazing experience for me. I always kept on wondering what type of programming is used for websites and how difficult it was to do this programming. Everything went well in this class and the teacher was very nice to me. I hope I can take this class again in the later years.
               -K. E.
I like this class very much. It is very fun. I got to learn new things. And the best is that now I get my own website.
               -A. V.

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