Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Battle of the Towers

Chatham Week 2

    Chatham is always up for some good competition. In Pre-Architecture this morning it was all about the height. Battle of the Towers between the boys team and the girls team was intense! The girls started strong and had the bigger tower but it can crashing down early on in the 20 minute time limit. The boys tried to stay ahead and kept building but they were no match for the dynamic duo on the girl's team. The girl tower beat out the boys tower 87-84 feet. It was a close battle in the architecture arena.

Creating Digital Masterpieces in Paramus

This week, Paramus campers are hard at work digitally exploring and creating.  They creating their very first website with WordPress, while others learn the basics of surviving, problem solving, and team-building in Minecraft.  Later in the day, campers are learning graphic design skills with GIMP, a professional graphic design imaging program, and learning engineering skills though challenges in Minecraft's Creative environment.  We're having so much fun, and we haven't even made it to Wet Day, yet!

Paramus, Week 2, 2017

Soaring into Somerset for Week 2!

Welcome Back to International Ivy Somerset!

We are excited to be back this summer. This is our first week of camp and we already have a lot of excitement going on around here. We have four great classes with three outstanding teachers! 

Tyler is teaching the always fun Chemical Engineering: Bioplastics and Polymers class. Students are having a great time learning about plastics they normally throw away. They are using problem solving skills in order to find solutions to address current plastic problems. 
In the afternoon, Tyler teaches Civil Engineering which is such a great class that is filled with hands-on activities to keep students engaged and entertained.

In the morning, our writers in Creative Writing Workshop are learning specific techniques to enhance their reading and writing skills from their teacher, Emily. Today, they are learning all about Poetry.

Lastly, we have Brennah teaching Stock Market Game. It's only day two, but the students are so INVESTED in learning about stocks, brands, investments, and so much more! 

Stay tuned to see all the fun happenings going on at Somerset. Be sure to check out our Flickr and YouTube channel.