Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Counselor Post #9

The past two days at International Ivy, the students have really been getting into the swing of things.  The films are coming along great - one group even finished filming today!  We had some great relay races during break, and the kids are starting to make friends.  We have welcomed our new international students - a set of twins from China - and it is fun to see the children all interacting with each other.  I love seeing such a diverse group of learners and so many cultures mixing together into one group. 

Tomorrow we are filming another video, and Thursday our final group is going to shoot their movie.  Our brain trainers are working hard again this week.  At the end of last week, our students received the results from their IQ test.  Some of them had learning skills of students 5-8 years older than them! This is a great way to keep from getting bored during the summer. 

Tomorrow is Halloween!  Please stay posted for pictures of our Halloween costumes! 


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