Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Far Hills Campers Kick the Ball Out of the Park!

Thaddeus goes to catch the ball to begin the second inning.

Andrew slides into home base!

The Green Team waves as they wait to kick.

Zachary ponders the best way to kick the ball OUT OF THE PARK.

Aiden acts quickly to get an opponent out. 

Varun runs the bases.

Aiden starts off the inning with a stellar pitch.

Eddie gives us a victory pose once he hits home base.

Varun gives us his game face.

Eddie, Varun, and Eesha get ready to start the third inning.

Gabe shows off his pitching skills.

Siya goes in for the kick.

Aiden gives the ball his hardest kick.

James kicks the ball out of the frame and out of the park!

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