Thursday, July 26, 2012

Counselor Post #10

Today in International Ivy we had a very busy day.  The children were so excited about all of their activities, and the teachers were definitely keeping them busy.  During chess they were learning new advanced terminology for the moves they were doing, such as "skewers". 

In Reading and Study Skills, the students were talking today about time management.  The teacher told them how important it is to find their best time to study instead of doing what someone else might think is best. 

In Race Car Video Game Design, they were decorating the tracks that they made.  I was surprised at how advanced the program was and how interesting it was all turning out to be.  Tomorrow they get to take home their finished games!

In movie making, the final group was filming their movie with one of their teachers.  A second teacher was with the remaining students.  They did warmup acting exercises, then read monologues, and finally got to learn how different takes of a movie get edited and how long it takes to make the final product. 

In Brain Training, they were continuing on with their challenging games, where they have to follow different patterns and make different associations based on what the instructor tells them.  During class, our counselor Jaimee was interviewing some of the students as well to see what their opinions were of their different classes. 

Please remember to wear your International Ivy shirts tomorrow!

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