Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Far Hills Campers Say What's Up for Week One!

From Public Speaking to Website Design, the first week of camp at Far Hills is off to a great start! Check out what campers had to say about their classes and overall experience at International Ivy. Best summer ever, here we come!

Aaditya is taking Youngerster Right Brain Mix. He says, " Camp Ivy is good because we go on nature walks and make trading cards with the pictures we take." The picture is of (left to right) Aaditya, Michael, and Miss Lauren.
Mariam is taking Public Speaking. She says, "In Public Speaking we write speeches about social issues and ice breaker speeches of ourselves. Youth Leadership is learning about social issues like health care, poverty, and hunger. Currently, we are writing speeches about them. (Mine is about Health Care and how we can arrange a compromise with other countries for the Affordable Care Act.) It is a fun experience. "
Drew is taking Website Design. He says, "Camp Ivy is really fun. Making websites is really fun. It's really easy. I'm making a Minecraft website where you can see what's in Minecraft like servers and mods."
Inchara is taking Public Speaking. She says, "In Public Speaking we wrote an ice breaker which is a story or a speech about yourself. We're also working on social issues like world hunger, poverty, and health care. We're also doing table topics where the teacher gives us a question and we have to answer the question for at least a minute. INTERNATIONAL IVY IS SO FUN!"

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