Friday, July 20, 2012

Writing Class Assignment

This is an assignment that was written by a student in writing class.  They were asked to write DURING class to write an essay compared to two poems.  This is something that would be asked of a much higher grade level because of the short amount of time, and the students did a magnificent job.

 Two Poems
By: R.G.

          These two poems, "Marvellous Travel" by Joshua Fernandez and "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, are very enthralling.  "Marvellous Travel" is about a writer who travels different places and with different things.  "The Road Not taken" is about a person who has to choose which road to take and by choosing the road less traveled by, he discovered something new.  I like :The Road Not Taken: more because the poet has to make a choice, he discovered something new, the poetic format, and the fact that he traveled through his home state. 

          There are many extra similarities between the two home state poems.  First, in both poems, the poet travels somewhere.  "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood."  According to this quite, Robert Frost is traveling on two roads in a yellow wood.  In "Marvellouis Travel" the poet travels to different continents.  Next, they both discover something in their travels.  "Watching those silently cry, Asking themselves the question why, someone left them without saying goodbye."  According to the quote, Joshua Fernandez discovers that man people are in pain and are sad.  Finally, they both are written in first person.  Accordingly, there are many similarities.  

          There are also many differences between the two poems.  First of all, "Marvellous Travel" is way longer than "The Road Not Taken" with 22 lines.  "The Road Not Taken" only has 16 lines.  Next, the author of "Marvellous Travel" would be very happy to go traveling again.  Robert Frost, author of "The Road Not Taken" would rather not go back to the worn out field.  Finally, they travel to different places.  Fernandez travels around the world in Asia, America, or Europe.  Frost stays in the yellow wood of Massachusetts.  Though in his home state, he discovered something he'd never ever seen.  As you can see there are also man differences. 

          I like "The Road Not Taken" more because of the poetic format, the fact that the poet has to make a choice, the fact that the poet discovered something new, and the fact that he traveled through his home state.  First, I like that he made his poem four lines per stanza and included a rhyme scheme.  A rhyme scheme makes this poem sound good.  Second, the poet had to make a choice.  I like when people have to make a chouce because it makes a poem or a story more suspenseful on what would happen if he chose a certain one.  Third, I like that he discovered something new by taking a different path.  Though it was worn out and he'd never come back, it's always better when you do something different.  Finally I like that he traveled through his home state an found places that he's never seen before.  It's great because you get to explore places you've never seen before vecause you always want to see the world, not your home state.  Now you know why I really like this poem.  

          I like "The Road Not Taken" more because the poet has freedom.  He has freedom to add suspense, change the poetic format, create a discovery and set the story in his home state.  I think that Frost write great poems that has imagery, suspense, and poetic format.  I learned a lot from this great poem.  

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